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Losing Interest In Life Tips

When You Begin losing interest in life and start getting confused, you should do this

There are many good answers already. Most of the answers are focused on the action you can take. However, the most important element is knowing the cause. Without knowing the cause any action will only provide temporary fix.

See our mental state is governed largely by what is in our subconscious mind. And our subconscious is largely built up of what we feed it over the years. Think of a bag, if you put garbage in it, you will only find garbage in it later. Subconscious works the same way, if you put garbage in, you will get garbage back. Here are the top 4 garbage items and what to do with them:

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  1. TV/News – It is very rare that you see any positive news on TV or other news mediums. The rest is just garbage for your subconscious, and it very likely is adding to your depression. I suggest stop watching TV and stop ready/listening to any news.
  2. Trash Talk – If you are surrounded by people who like to trash talk, weather about their own situation, themselves, their friends/family or about their money or whatever else, that has to be cut off! This means that you need to think about every single person that is around you, their habits etc. This also means listening to your own words, your own thoughts, and anytime you say anything negative/trash etc, stop yourself, think of the same situation but now say something positive.
  3. Food – Just like trash talk, we are hell bent at feeding ourselves trash these days. Make a conscious choice for eating only healthy and fresh foods.
  4. Air – Believe it or not, but the air you breath has a tremendous impact on you. If you stay mostly indoors then you are not getting fresh air/oxygen that your brain needs. If you live in/around a polluted area then going outside is not going to help much. If that is the case, you are better of dedicating a small area inside your home, and grow small plants.

You will not be able to do these things for very long or consistently unless you realise that it is important to change your subconscious paradigm which is attracting the negativity, in turn causing depression.

Loosing interest in life, really means not knowing your own purpose in life. Every living being has a purpose, yet, large population remains unaware of their own purpose. It is very likely that you have been trying to live a life for yourself only, or focused too much on others who didn’t appreciate what you did for them. Either way, time to stop. To truly realise the purpose of your life, you will need to spend some serious amount of time serving humanity, animals or any other cause you feel strongly about without any expectations attached to it.

Here are 3 key things you can do to attract brand new experiences that will drive away the depression, bad thoughts and habits, negative energy and people.

  1. Start meditating. This one is not easy. Many people think that meditation is about reaching complete silence, and others have different concepts. If you have never done any meditation, I suggest starting out with guided meditation (i.e. some sort of a class). Or you can start with finding good videos on youtube.
  2. Donate large sums of money. Large can mean completely different to different people. The purpose is to detach yourself from the money. If you are going to donate but then keep cribbing or start boasting that you donated money, then it is of not much help. Do it with a sense of gratitude that you received this money when you needed it, and now you are passing it to someone/someplace where it is needed.
  3. Surround yourself with positive, spiritual, high energy people. If you do any of the above items, this one will come naturally.

Most important, stop expecting instant results and prepare yourself and make the commitment to make lasting changes to your life.

Source: Quora.com