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Age-Shaming is wrong

Between ego, pride, self respect and being down to earth? Which are you?

Ego is one’s own awareness of oneself, ‘I am’. Pride can be normal or excessive. Normal pride a positive self image and a sense of pleasure in what you are. However one can have pride in one’s children and friends which is evident in one’s enjoyment being as much as the person in his/her success. Excessive pride is the feeling that there is nobody like me which goes under the name of egotism, boastfulness, presumptuousness, ostentatiousness etc. and the excessively proud person is an egotist

Self Respect originates from one’s values, education, upbringing and culture. It is different from pride. It is self respect that does not allow me to tolerate a person who is ‘stepping on my toes’ nor would I tolerate being taken for granted or pushed literally and figuratively.

Being down to earth means a practical person who uses his head and heart properly, looks at situations calmly and is not swayed by emotions in carrying out his/her duty in a given situation.


Of all these things Ego and Pride are to be avoided as much as possible. Pride is good if its for the country or family etc. Ego makes us demanding and narcissist, we expect people to always be below us at any cost may it be asking for an apology or taking initiative to talk, we always expect the other person to do so. Too much pride is related to ego as it increases the latter.

Now coming to self respect and being down to earth, having self respect is mandatory as it guides us when to stop giving in to a person or a situation. we cannot expect people to respect us until we respect ourselves. Being down to earth always gives us a positive vibe and makes us more approachable. People feel comfortable in talking to us as we are not always boasting of our position/achievements.

Source: Quora.com