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#ThrowbackThursday I Listen to Strangers’ Conversations and Give my Opinon…In My Mind

Remember how one time I told you I listen in to strangers’ conversations and give my opinion in my mind? You also remember how we all agreed it is only human? Ehen…

So, yesterday, I went to see Heartbeat the Musical (It was fantastic), I sat behind a couple and heard them arguing before the show started. Here is “our” conversation below:

Male: You don’t hug someone you don’t know that well like that is what I’m saying.

Female: (cuts in) How do I hug him? Side hug? C’mon nowwwww.

Me in my mind: Yea, me too. I hate side hugs. It’s childish.

Male: But I’m telling you I didn’t like something and you’re telling me to “c’mon now”. Are you for real?

Female: I don’t see any reason for you to be uncomfortable. When I give your friends full hugs, you don’t complain.

Male: My friends don’t squeeze your boobs tight when you hug them.

Me in my mind: LMAOOOO. Jealousy oshi.

Female: (Laughs out loud)

Me in my mind: Exactly. Very funny.

Female: Okay I’m sorry. Ma bi nu (I’m sorry). (She pulls his head closer to hers and gives him a forehead rub.)

Me in my mind: Awwwwwww!

Female: I won’t hug someone I don’t know that well like that again.

Male: You should have just said that instead of arguing.

Me in my mind: SMH!!! Babies!

Female: (Rubs his head more and gives him a peck) I’m sorry oooooo.

Male: (Shakes his head and Smiles)

Female: (Brings out her phone to take a selfie)

Me in my mind: Awwwwwwwww!

Male and Female start talking about snapchat.

I lose interest.

Musical begins.

This is my public opinion on the matter. I hate half hugs, I feel like half hugs are childish. Like why hug from the side? Can everyone hug like adults?

The only thing is, I worry about some men and their pervasive ways. Even though I give full hugs, I try not to hug some men too tight. Why? Some men hug you so tight and spend far too long pushing against your boobies. I find this really classless and extremely inappropriate. Anyone who has tried this with me never gets a hug again, just handshakes and a very nasty side eye…for being a creepy worm!

This post was first published on the 4th of September 2017.

“You Need to Show Yourself Worthy before Anyone Else can Invest in you” – Kemi “LaLa” Akindoju

My name is Kemi “Lala” Akindoju. I am an actor, producer and a casting director. I have also produced stage plays like Vagina monologue, London Life and Lagos Living.

Being a christian in the entertainment industry has never posed any challenge for me. First of all, I don’t separate areas of my life, being a christian is who I am. I go through the same struggle all other professionals go through but I do my best to do things I have peace about. Is it pure, lovely and of good report? Those things give me peace.

It is stereotypical to think that people in the entertainment industry are loose. There are loose people everywhere but you have to set your self aside and stick with your principles. When my ethics are tested, I do not budge. As a christian, some people think you have to do only Gospel films, I don’t believe in that because there are no gospel banks or gospel hospitals. We live in a secular world and what God requires of us is to shine our light, to show excellence and shine the light of Jesus every where that we find ourselves.

ALSO READ: “T01011233he rehearsals in the backstage will one day lead to a spot on the stage” – Debola Williams, CEO Of Red Media

My faith is tested more in areas of God coming through for me, getting jobs, sponsorship…trusting God for certain results. My faith has never been tested in the main entertainment work. I know who I am: I am grounded, strict, very disciplined, I take my job pretty seriously and I’m all about hard work. When people see that you work hard, you eventually get rewarded. You need to show yourself worthy before anyone else can invest in you. Faith is good but without work, it means nothing.

If you’re a Christian and feel you can’t break through into entertainment, believe me, it is all in your mind. If you are the salt of the earth, why would you stay back and hide your talent? Step out and go where everyone else is going. When you go for auditions, no one will ask you if you’re a christian, all they want to see are your skills and talents. The whole idea is that when people work with you, they’ll see who you are and treat you accordingly. Carrying your bible ahead of you, shouting “I’ AM A CHRISTIAN” does not make you special. Let your belief show in your character.

When I bear good fruit, people get attracted to the fruit, which makes them attracted to me. Then I can tell them who my saviour is, then they go, “ha ha that is why she is different.”


Childhood Shenanigans: The Story of My Broken Bum Bum

Childhood Shenanigans: The Story of My Broken Bum Bum

One of the things that caused me acute heartbreak when I was young was sitting down by our balcony, grounded, while I watched other kids play outside. It drove me to tears and made me wish I could be adopted by those other parents who allowed their kids run free on the street. We lived on the first floor, in a house by the T-Junction. This meant I had a perfect view of our street and two connecting streets. I could see EVERYTHING and EVERYONE

As I may have mentioned in previous posts, when I was young, I reigned supreme as the organiser of street fights, no one could sit with my crew. We picked fights, caused fights, cheated in football games, stormed parties and performed folk songs in expectation of getting paid… And Yes, we did get paid. It was fun for us, but worrisome for my parents. On this day especially, I was grounded for stealing my mum’s Aso-Oke to go perform- Unsolicited- at a birthday party down the road. What angered me most was that I made N10 that day, what parent would ground a child for going out and making N10 on a Saturday?!

So there I was sitting by the balcony, complaining about my mum to my sister. The other kids playing soccer downstairs saw my dejected look, couldn’t take it anymore and so found a solution for my escape- JUMP. They gathered below the balcony and told me “e no too far, you fit jump downstairs na” One of the kids from the next house said to me “I day do am well, that time wey…” This seemed like a good idea, not once did I wonder how I would get back in the house.

I ran inside to change into my soccer jeans and “canvas”. Checked my mum real quick to find her sleeping soundly on the couch by the door.I prepared myself, and jumped Read: Children’s Day: “I Want to be The best Electrical Engineer in The World”- 13 Year Old Lekan.

I landed on my bum and felt a sharp pain. It felt like there was something going on inside my bum but I couldn’t figure it out. Immediately, I knew I had messed up, so I started crying. My sister looked downstairs from the balcony and laughed so much I could see tears in her eyes. Determined to make her look like a fool, I stood, felt the sharp pain in my butt crack and immediately sat back down. “My yansh don breeeeeak” I wailed repeatedly. Our landlady’s son who was a teenager rushed to my side and tried to lift me up. I held on to him as he made me walk around so I could feel what was broken. Nothing hurt at all except somewhere around my butt crack.

I therefore took the walk of shame upstairs, knocked on the door and there I was, face to face with the woman who made me. She was shocked! “Where are you coming from, how did you get downstairs?”. “I sneaked out the door while you were asleep”. She looked confused but pulled me in by my ear and twisted it in warning. “Go and wash the plates!”. I tried not to limp to the kitchen, I paused by the sink, shuffled my feet around to check if my “yansh” had repaired itself. Nah, it still hurt like crazy.

I jumped when I heard, “Tell me, I won’t beat you, how did you get downstairs?”. Who knew where she came from? “Have you been crying? did someone beat you? tell me now, what happened? I won’t beat you”. Awww, she looked so concerned, so I fell for the trap. “I jumped from the balcony but it wasn’t that far” The look of shock on her face sent me backing up on the sink. “You did what? Is that why you can’t walk well…” Before I knew it, she had pulled me towards her and gave me a double slap. (using both hands at the dame time).

Everything else was a blur after that -The trip to the hospital, the scan and my mum’s conversation with the doctor- All I heard was “Nothing is broken, she’s fine”. I braced myself for another set of punishment on my way home. That was the day I learnt never to admit to any wrong just because my mum said with a straight face “ Tell me, I won’t beat you”.


Do Not Act Like a Maid to Win Cool Points From Your In-Laws

So many ladies and some men are ready to do anything, including act like maids to win cool points from their in-laws. I believe most times, you help because you want to look good not because you’re showing respect to the elderly. Your intentions matter

One time I was invited to a Christmas party by a guy who was asking me out. I had nothing to do so I attended, hoping to make it brief. “Come and greet my mum” he said

We headed straight to the back of the house, where she was seated, giving orders to caterers and helps. Everyone was just going up and down acting busy. I greeted her, asked her if she needed help, she said “you want to join this circus?” I laughed, pulled a chair and sat with her anyway Read: When is a Relationship A Relationship?

I noticed she didn’t get up from her seat, just gave orders. I told myself to start a conversation with her instead of sitting there going through an awkward silence. So we struck up a conversation and it was one of the most intelligent and insightful conversations I had ever had. Turned out, my intelligence mattered more to her than my domestic skills

I didn’t lift a finger or go out of my way to help. But I was there anyway if there was something I could help with. That’s how my mama taught me, not to win cool points but to show respect by asking to help the elderly when I visit their home

Going to see your boyfriend, girlfriend or potential and helping his or her parents with chores should be a thing of respect, not because you want to win cool points. If you don’t have to do anything, sit down and be confident in who you are. Don’t run around trying to look domestic

If you do it for the wrong reasons, you’ll regret acting like a maid when you find out you did all that for nothing. Act normal, be nice and have no expectations

Those parents will see right through you anyway


My Real Life Definition of Pain


A dictionary defines it as a highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by a wound or injury.

Me, I say pain is more than a physical sensation. It’s more than a throbbing that comes from a wound. Pain is more than an ache a drug prescription can heal or an x-ray can see

The tears of a broken heart. The groan of a disturbed mind. The screams of a crushed soul. The wails of a drained brain. That’s pain. The kind I feel. That which comes from my heart, mind and soul.

A mind burnt by failure. A heart broken by society. A soul crushed by life. Read: Tales From Biafra

Life gives more than joy and laughter all year round. Sorrows and tears creep in when least expected. Yet we smile for that’s what the world wishes to see.

Physical pain lingers only for a while..as an awareness that it was indeed at one time painful.

This pain has the unique ability to come back over and over again.. No one can see it, no one can feel it, just me

Heavens be thanked for the skin that covers the soul. Nature be thanked for its beauty that radiates the earth even in the dark. Grateful are we for scars that do not show on our skins.

In all, I await the new dawn. The dawn that brings happy songs to the lips. The dawn that brings sincere smile to the mouth. The dawn where I shall live again. Let the dusk pass for I weary in its darkness. The shine of the dawn I want to bask in.

For in the depth of my soul is a glow. In the innermost part of my heart is a light. In my mind, is a girl who wishes not to hide.

Let my glow shine. Let my light be bright. Let my mind be free. Let my ache be eased. And my pain be ceased

Written by: Zaynab Yusuf


Tales From Biafra By Yvonne Nwanyibuife Ada Chu-Ejikeme

Tales From Biafra

I was not born during the Nigerian Biafrian war. My mum was a little girl when the war broke out. She hates to relieve the memories of war but a few times she talked about the war she tells tales of hardship, hunger, fear, bunkers, air raids and the smell of death

One account that rings true is the tale of kwashiorkor suffered by the Biafrian children. She tells of an evening she returned from gathering leaves from the bush to prepare soup for dinner with her grandmother. They get home only to discover that her younger brother, my uncle who was suffering from kwashiorkor was missing. Inquiry from neighbours hinted that he may have been taken to the truck going to Gabon which was filled with Biafrian children suffering from kwashiorkor

They were going to Gabon to get relief

Her grandmother ran as fast as her legs could carry her towards the direction of the truck. It was already making its way out of their hometown. She kept screaming and running towards the truck in hot pursuit. Her hysteria made the truck driver pay her attention and finally stopped. She took my uncle from the midst of a lot of whimpering, frightened, hungry, potbellied, Biafrian children.

Imagine the number of our brothers and sisters who were forced to flee from their motherland as a result of war

Did they ever return? Your guess is as good as mine.


The war was bad. No one wishes war upon themselves or a nation. Why is it that some Igbos cannot forget and forgive what their ancestors do not wish to happen again? I spoke to a man who fought in the civil war, he told me he wishes the war had never happened. In his words, “it was senseless”.

Nigeria’s problem is corruption, lack of leadership, application of law and good governance. not segregation. If Igbos get their wish and are given their own republic, they will afce the same problems. I wish though, that the Biafrian agitators know that their leaders just want to amass wealth and power. Now that the noise is getting louder, their thirst for power becomes more potent…and deadly


“Being A Virgin at 35 is Hard But It is Worth The Wait” – Alicia Smith

“Being A Virgin at 35 is Hard But I’m Worth The Wait”- ALICIA SMITH

I’ll be honest with you. One of the reasons why I’m still a virgin is because I know once I start, it’s going to happen constantly. I want it to be with one person because personally I don’t want to be with multiple people, but I know if I had started, that would be the case

There have been people that I thought were friends that could not handle the fact that I chose not to do certain things. When it comes to something like virginity or not drinking, I am not a judge of anyone. I want people to choose whatever they want to do and personal choice is a beautiful thing. But if you don’t want to be my friend because of the choices that I make, I can’t really complain about it because you weren’t really a friend in the first place

People think [virgins] aren’t sexual people at all and that we don’t like sex and that is not true at all. I just want to do it with one person. It’s another filter to find who he is,” she says. “If someone can’t handle confidence and they can’t handle me waiting for them, they’re not the person that I’m supposed to be with. I’m a firm believer that God leads him to you.

But to keep it real, it gets hard. There are moments of impatience and questioning as to when my Boaz will come, especially since motherhood is something that I desire. I’m imperfect, but at the end of the day, God does have everything planned out even before we’re thought of. So all of these tests and trials are there to prepare me for what He has planned for me in the future.

For now though, I’m walking in my purpose as a voice for those who need to be reminded of the beauty in their individuality, regardless of body type, race, or religious beliefs.”

It is okay to show the world who you are. It is okay to want to be something that isn’t the societal norm. Overcoming the fear of being bold, you have to say “NO” to that insecure voice. That has helped me become the strong woman that I am

Excerpt from Interview with XONecole.com. Alicia is the owner of tallswag.com

Lie I Was Told When I was Younger

I Am A Married African Woman; I Do Not Want Kids. This is My Choice

I Am A Married African Woman; I Do Not Want Kids. This is My Choice

“When are you planning on having your own children?” My mother asks in tears. This is a regular occurrence , happens most times I visit her. I had told her since I was 18 I didn’t want to have kids, I wonder why she thinks I’ll change my mind. I have never had that thing fluttering in my womb crying to be let loose, and like you will say, my ovaries have never developed goose bumps. Kids are adorable, I love them, I hang out with my nephews and nieces all the time but I still don’t want kids

Before I got married, I had a difficult time with Nigerian men accepting this fact about me. There was a time I was scared to tell my then boyfriend I didn’t want kids because I did really love him and saw us spending our lives together. “Sanmi, do you want to have kids in future?” I asked him one day while holding my breath. “Ofcourse. why?” he replied “What if your wife can’t have kids or don’t want to have kids?” I asked him again “All women want to have kids now…”. I noticed he wasn’t taking the conversation seriously. “Sanmi I don’t want to have kids, I have no maternal instincts” Safe to say he took me seriously then but we eventually broke up after he realized he couldn’t change my mind

When I met my husband, I told him on the 3rd date I didn’t want kids and if he wanted to run, that was the best time for him to do so. He proposed to me right there, even though without a ring. He said he had found his soul mate and he would never let go. Apparently, we both don’t want kids and have been broken up with countless times because of that.

I am tired of telling people I don’t want kids, because the looks and lectures I get annoys me and wears me out at the same time. I know I am an anomaly, an African woman who has chosen to be childless. No! we will not change our minds. There is nothing wrong with us. We are happy with who we are. I asked him before we got married, “what if something happens and you change your mind?” He then asked me the same. We both didn’t have an answer but here we are, 11 years after, still loving life, loving our extended family and content within ourselves and with each other

I am not selfish, or any less of a female. It takes more than a uterus to be a woman

Written by Oby O.K for Diaryofanaijagirl.com

Do not Shrink To Fit

I Found Out My Friends Were My Biggest Haters

I Found Out My Friends Were My Biggest Haters

A few months ago, a friend of mine who I met through work invited me to come with her on a trip with two of her girlfriends. I was desperately wanting to get away so I jumped at the opportunity. However, three days into the trip, I had experienced a rude awakening where I came across a conversation on her phone as I was sending group photos from her phone to my number. My name popped up at the top of the screen from another co-worker (God’s intervention) and I found a conversation where she was talking about me behind my back.

As I read the conversation, I felt my body flashback to middle school, a time where I often found myself in the middle of catty situations. Yet, this time I was dealing with a 28- and 31-year-old. Two women I somewhat looked up to at my job and spent happy hours over drinks and talking about life, love, and all in between. Two people I naively trusted and I felt blind-sighted by it all.

In the conversation, I saw a screenshot of a photo that I posted to my Instagram the day before of me in a bikini on the beach and under I saw mean comments like, “Killing me softly.” As I continued to read the conversation, I instantly thought to hours earlier when I asked my friend to take a photo of me, she said in a snarky tone, “No, you have enough photos of yourself.” I took her response as her sarcasm and did not think twice about it

I felt angry, hurt, and betrayed. At first, I did not want to confront her about it. Yet, I figured that if I didn’t say anything, it’d probably eat me alive, cause me to act resentfully, and ruin my trip so I gathered the courage to pull her aside and tell her everything I saw and ask her what is going on. As I spoke I had to fight back tears because I felt vulnerable and hurt, especially being in another country, which was suppose to be a fun girl’s trip. She ended up apologizing and spent the rest of the trip acting really nice to me, which part of me knew she was only acting this way because she had been caught. I don’t believe in burning bridges so I decided to remain cordial and respectful, but I knew from then on that I could not trust her and had to distance myself.

I was always made fun of for being tall, skinny, lanky and not having any of the features “black girls are suppose to have” (big booty and boobs) as seen on music videos and throughout the media. I had extremely low self esteem and man it took so much internal work for me to be here. To be in a place where I unapologetically love myself within and without. To not compare myself or want to be anyone else.

Often we forget that most of the things that people do to us have nothing to do with us, but more about them. Your confidence, self-esteem, and happiness may cause other people to feel uncomfortable because they are not happy or confident in themselves

Yet nothing they can say or do will ever take away from this light of mine that I have found within myself. I have definitely learned a lesson about being more mindful about who I go on trips with and more importantly, watching who I call my friends, especially outside of my “day-one” circle of true friends.

Written By: Maritza
For: XOnecole.com


I am a Quitter, I have Records to Show For it

I know some who know me would say I am very hardworking, which I am, when I want to be, while I’m at it.. but then I quit… a lot. And since my record of being a quitter has become so long, it is now staring at me in the face like a long rap sheet; evidence I cannot deny. And being that smart girl that I am, I have chosen to face it squarely. Not an easy feat as confronting this also means I have to confront the real issue, which is my fear of failure and my fear of mediocrity

Yes I give up because I am afraid to fail. I have always believed that anything worth doing is worth doing well and that basically has been my reasoning when I give up on things. I tell myself it is best not to be involved at all, than to be in it half heartedly. I tell myself instead of failing at this, instead of being medicore, let me just leave. The only problem with that is, by quitting I set myself up for certain failure in that thing because I give myself no other option.Read: “Don’t give up” Tyler Perry

I have always chosen the path of least resistance, being an ‘I cannot come and go and die’ chick even before the savvy millenials came up with the phrase. One of my most common phrases was ‘I am tired’. My sister had to point it out when I repeated it over some simple issue, she said “you are always tired over little things!’”. Even then it didn’t hit me that I was a quitter. I just made a mental note not to say it out loud anywhere near her, but I continued to repeat it to myself in difficult situations.

I don’t want to start listing all the projects, groups, relationships and dreams I have quit on. If you are a quitter you will have your long list, and possibly some of these traits:
* You tend to be very analytical, especially in seeing possible challenges that could arise
* You are very sensitive
* You internalise a lot of things
* You tend not to share your concerns with people hence lack encouragement to keep going
* challenges overwhelm you and your first reaction is to withdraw and remove the source of the challenge from your life IMMEDIATELY
* you like to have a lot of free time doing nothing, or having very little to do

I am in the process of turning a new leaf. Still not there yet, especially considering the fact that I started drafting this write up months ago. But guess what? I came back and now finishing it while waiting for a meeting to start. Talk about seizing a moment! Makes me proud I can make use of time so wisely. However it takes more than this to get out of it. I need to:
1. Take conscious actions
2. Push myself more
3. Do more and think less
4. Turn my negative thoughts to thoughts of possibilities when confronted with a new challenge
5. Speak out more

And when I fail, I have to push myself up and continue.

I hope for someone reading this, this sparks some thoughts in you, makes you take a step back and analyse yourself. I sincerely hope you decide here and now to do something about that quitting spirit so you can truly begin to soar, achieve more and fulfil purpose.

Written by Miss Oyind for Diaryofanaijagirl.com

Single and Happy

Our Generation Has Ruined Being Single and Happy

Our generation has ruined being Single and happy

We are told that if we are not in a relationship, we are not wanted. They have told us that in order to be accepted, we need to receive love from someone other than ourselves.?But that is so wrong, because at the end of the day — our self-worth has absolutely nothing to do with what other people think of us and everything to do with what we think of ourselves

To be happy and with somebody else requires you to be happy by yourself first. Date yourself. Get to know yourself. Love yourself. Enjoy this time in your life because the only obligations you have are to yourself Read: Don’t be that girl: over 30, desperate and worried

This is the time to truly explore and discover things.?What good is being in a relationship if it isn’t right for you? So often we are in a rush to be in a relationship that we will settle for the first person that shows an interest in us. Not only is it not fair to the other person you are in the relationship with, you are taking away somebody else’ opportunity to be with you

Trust me — don’t worry about being single right now. Build your career. Pay off debt. Have fun. Explore your passions. Explore the world. Learn new things. Figure your shit out. Figure yourself out. Enjoy every second of this life. Don’t ever settle.

?Being single doesn’t mean that you are not wanted. It doesn’t mean that you are too picky. It simply means that you put a lot of thought into your choices and you’re going to make sure everything is right before you jump into something. Don’t let our generation tell you that what you want or need is wrong.?Learning to be single is an important part of growing. Be single. Be happy. Be you. It’s possible, I promise

Words: Jules Martin

5 Things People With HIV Want You To Know

Here are 5 things people with HIV want you to know. Despite huge steps forward in the treatment and the research for HIV cure, there are still many misconceptions around HIV. Hopefully, the below points will help you change these misconceptions and challenge stigma.

1. It doesn’t make you a bad person.

“People with HIV have come to signify danger. To mix in a risky metaphor, we’re seen as the viral terrorists walking among you, our virus primed to explode,” Gus Cairns (diagnosed with HIV in 1985) blogged on HuffPost UK.

“Untrue. We’re not bad people. Anyone can catch HIV in an unguarded moment, during a bad period in their lives or just through bad luck.”

2. You can still have a family.

In 2015 Andrew Pulsipher, from Phoenix, US, posted a photo of himself with his wife and three healthy children to dispel myths that having HIV means you can’t have children.

Pulsipher has been HIV positive since birth, having had the disease passed on from his parents. He and his wife had their three children through fertility treatment.

“Having a negative family can be the most positive thing in your life” he said.

“I know HIV has a negative stigma, but it doesn’t have to and I want to help change that. It is a treatable disease and you can live a normal life with it. I am proof of that.”

3. There’s a lot of shame involved with HIV.

Paul Thorn set up the radio show HIV Happy Hour to raise awareness of what it’s really like to live with the illness.

He told HuffPost UK learning to manage internalised shame is a huge challenge after diagnosis.

“I lived for many years feeling ashamed because I have HIV. It has prevented me from going for jobs that I wanted and seeking relationships with people who I found attractive because I thought they wouldn’t would want me,” he said.

“That kind of feeling can exist in the very core of you to the point that you can’t stand the sight of yourself in the mirror. It has taken me many years to realise that I am worth something and to start caring about myself, maybe even love myself a little.” Read: Don’t be afraid of your flaws, acknowledge them

4. You can still get tattoos.

There are no documented cases of HIV transmission due to tattooing, but due to common misconceptions around the illness many people do not realise this.

Rob Curtis previously told HuffPost UK of how he was turned away by a tattoo artist after telling the receptionist he was HIV positive.

“I was also really shocked that this would even be an issue. I had told the studio that I was HIV+ and taking anti-viral medication which means it’s not possible to infect someone else,” he said.

“The artist should have known this, so I felt really disappointed that she was letting her stigma get in the way of her art.”

5. Being diagnosed is a good thing.

Philip Christopher Baldwin was diagnosed with HIV in 2010 at the age of 24. He says being tested and receiving a positive diagnosis is better than living in ignorance.

“If you are HIV positive and do not know, your health could be compromised. Two-fifths of HIV positive people in the UK are diagnosed late,” he blogged on HuffPost UK.

“By testing negative you put an end to any doubts that you may have about your HIV status. Test positive and you can start treatment, thereby ensuring you remain healthy.”

Culled from HuffPost

Have You Ever Wondered if Nepotism Made Jennifer Obayuwana Become the Executive Director of Polo Avenue?

Have You Ever Wondered if Nepotism Made Jennifer Obayuwana become the Executive Director of Polo Avenue? Well, I have wondered. Not only about her though, but other rich kids as well

I have been to the Polo Avenue quite a number of times, and seen Jennifer there most times. I would think in my mind, would she ever have been in this position if her father didn’t own the company? I think this same thing of all rich kids who automatically get to the top level position of their parent’s company. I don’t think it is bad to work in your parent’’s company but I never understood why it should be automatic to get to a top position even sometimes when you are not qualified for it

This morning, as I read Jennifer’s Interview on Forbes Afrique May, 2017 Edition, I saw for the first time, why she is an Executive Director in Polo Avenue. Read Excerpts of The interview below

Your father is the founder of Polo Luxury Group? How did you come into your position with Polo?

As the daughter of a pioneer in the luxury industry, I grew up with a passion and
interest in luxury and beauty that ultimately lead me into the path of the family
business. I grew up in the business. Every summer holiday, I worked in sales on the
shop floor. I also believe I was equipped for the role early on by studying
International Business Administration at the American University of Paris and
International Relations in Franklin. Those experiences helped mold me into the
woman that I am today. I’ve also pursued Executive courses in INSEAD, Lagos
Business School and Colombia which has positioned me effectively to be able to add
value to the organization.

What has been your personal accomplishment for the success of this business?

I am still in the process of self development, evolving and understanding my own
limitations. My work requires that I create solutions that are sustainable and relevant
to our market. Over the years, we have done that through expansion and growth by
opening up new channels and curating the pan African Polo Brand. Personally, I
believe that the notion of success and achievement is merely a journey. I’m excited
about the future but I will never get to a point where I feel like I’ve arrived


I remember what Bill gates said about not leaving his $81B fortune for his children but instead give it all away, his children have been on the record saying they’re okay with it. I know as a smart business man, if his kids are qualified enough to run his company while he’s alive and when he’s gone, he won’t hesitate for that to happen. Having read this interview, I realise how learned Jennifer is, how important the company is to her and how serious she takes her job

If I had a child who put in all that work, effort and continuous education, I would be proud to hand over my company to that child.