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strangers' conversations

#ThrowbackThursday I Listen to Strangers’ Conversations and Give my Opinon…In My Mind

Remember how one time I told you I listen in to strangers’ conversations and give my opinion in my mind? You also remember how we all agreed it is only human? Ehen…

So, yesterday, I went to see Heartbeat the Musical (It was fantastic), I sat behind a couple and heard them arguing before the show started. Here is “our” conversation below:

Male: You don’t hug someone you don’t know that well like that is what I’m saying.

Female: (cuts in) How do I hug him? Side hug? C’mon nowwwww.

Me in my mind: Yea, me too. I hate side hugs. It’s childish.

Male: But I’m telling you I didn’t like something and you’re telling me to “c’mon now”. Are you for real?

Female: I don’t see any reason for you to be uncomfortable. When I give your friends full hugs, you don’t complain.

Male: My friends don’t squeeze your boobs tight when you hug them.

Me in my mind: LMAOOOO. Jealousy oshi.

Female: (Laughs out loud)

Me in my mind: Exactly. Very funny.

Female: Okay I’m sorry. Ma bi nu (I’m sorry). (She pulls his head closer to hers and gives him a forehead rub.)

Me in my mind: Awwwwwww!

Female: I won’t hug someone I don’t know that well like that again.

Male: You should have just said that instead of arguing.

Me in my mind: SMH!!! Babies!

Female: (Rubs his head more and gives him a peck) I’m sorry oooooo.

Male: (Shakes his head and Smiles)

Female: (Brings out her phone to take a selfie)

Me in my mind: Awwwwwwwww!

Male and Female start talking about snapchat.

I lose interest.

Musical begins.

This is my public opinion on the matter. I hate half hugs, I feel like half hugs are childish. Like why hug from the side? Can everyone hug like adults?

The only thing is, I worry about some men and their pervasive ways. Even though I give full hugs, I try not to hug some men too tight. Why? Some men hug you so tight and spend far too long pushing against your boobies. I find this really classless and extremely inappropriate. Anyone who has tried this with me never gets a hug again, just handshakes and a very nasty side eye…for being a creepy worm!

This post was first published on the 4th of September 2017.


Childhood Shenanigans: The Story of My Broken Bum Bum

Childhood Shenanigans: The Story of My Broken Bum Bum

One of the things that caused me acute heartbreak when I was young was sitting down by our balcony, grounded, while I watched other kids play outside. It drove me to tears and made me wish I could be adopted by those other parents who allowed their kids run free on the street. We lived on the first floor, in a house by the T-Junction. This meant I had a perfect view of our street and two connecting streets. I could see EVERYTHING and EVERYONE

As I may have mentioned in previous posts, when I was young, I reigned supreme as the organiser of street fights, no one could sit with my crew. We picked fights, caused fights, cheated in football games, stormed parties and performed folk songs in expectation of getting paid… And Yes, we did get paid. It was fun for us, but worrisome for my parents. On this day especially, I was grounded for stealing my mum’s Aso-Oke to go perform- Unsolicited- at a birthday party down the road. What angered me most was that I made N10 that day, what parent would ground a child for going out and making N10 on a Saturday?!

So there I was sitting by the balcony, complaining about my mum to my sister. The other kids playing soccer downstairs saw my dejected look, couldn’t take it anymore and so found a solution for my escape- JUMP. They gathered below the balcony and told me “e no too far, you fit jump downstairs na” One of the kids from the next house said to me “I day do am well, that time wey…” This seemed like a good idea, not once did I wonder how I would get back in the house.

I ran inside to change into my soccer jeans and “canvas”. Checked my mum real quick to find her sleeping soundly on the couch by the door.I prepared myself, and jumped Read: Children’s Day: “I Want to be The best Electrical Engineer in The World”- 13 Year Old Lekan.

I landed on my bum and felt a sharp pain. It felt like there was something going on inside my bum but I couldn’t figure it out. Immediately, I knew I had messed up, so I started crying. My sister looked downstairs from the balcony and laughed so much I could see tears in her eyes. Determined to make her look like a fool, I stood, felt the sharp pain in my butt crack and immediately sat back down. “My yansh don breeeeeak” I wailed repeatedly. Our landlady’s son who was a teenager rushed to my side and tried to lift me up. I held on to him as he made me walk around so I could feel what was broken. Nothing hurt at all except somewhere around my butt crack.

I therefore took the walk of shame upstairs, knocked on the door and there I was, face to face with the woman who made me. She was shocked! “Where are you coming from, how did you get downstairs?”. “I sneaked out the door while you were asleep”. She looked confused but pulled me in by my ear and twisted it in warning. “Go and wash the plates!”. I tried not to limp to the kitchen, I paused by the sink, shuffled my feet around to check if my “yansh” had repaired itself. Nah, it still hurt like crazy.

I jumped when I heard, “Tell me, I won’t beat you, how did you get downstairs?”. Who knew where she came from? “Have you been crying? did someone beat you? tell me now, what happened? I won’t beat you”. Awww, she looked so concerned, so I fell for the trap. “I jumped from the balcony but it wasn’t that far” The look of shock on her face sent me backing up on the sink. “You did what? Is that why you can’t walk well…” Before I knew it, she had pulled me towards her and gave me a double slap. (using both hands at the dame time).

Everything else was a blur after that -The trip to the hospital, the scan and my mum’s conversation with the doctor- All I heard was “Nothing is broken, she’s fine”. I braced myself for another set of punishment on my way home. That was the day I learnt never to admit to any wrong just because my mum said with a straight face “ Tell me, I won’t beat you”.


The Power of Football: My Russian Experience

At the Airport in Istanbul, while we waited at the gate to board our flight to Russia, Nigerians and Argentines argued about football technicalities and how one will whoop the other tomorrow. 

The banter continued until someone mentioned club football. In minutes,  sides changed. Nigerians and Argentines were no longer grouped as countries but as fellow club fans. The change was amazing because those who had just trashed each other as patriots have now become team members. Fellow countrymen no longer took sides with one another. This is football, the love for it seemed to be beyond what country they’re from.

Nigerians and Argentines were no more threatening to score a dozen goals against each other, citizens of both counties seated by that airport departure gate, wearing different jerseys had become fast friends as they discussed international club football.

When the time came for us to board, these strangers walked into the plane together, laughing out loud, leading one another, and exchanging hotel addresses.

I smiled. This was good to see.  Football, uniting the world and breaking down barriers.

This trip is sponsored by Visa. They’re everywhere I want to be. 


support system

Life is Hard – Get Yourself A Support System

So many things happened to me today, I feel like I must share some of them with you. Early this morning, my supplier slammed me with a shocking news: “No more credit sales, henceforth, you must give me bank guarantee of…(A huge sum of money) before I release product to you.

I sat up straight on hearing the amount and began to quickly find a way around it. As my head was calculating and throbbing at the same time, my friend called.

“Ife can you talk?” She asked

“I can if it’s an emergency” I responded

“Well, it is. I want to run away. Would it be irresponsible if I just dropped everything and go away for a while? This responsibility is too much. I’m so tired. I need to go away. The burden is too heavy on me…” My friend’s voice was thin and tired. I felt her words deep in my soul and even though I had my own stuff going on, I had to make a short stop to check up on her in her office. I couldn’t stay long but I was able to make her laugh and we were able to reach a solution as to how she can take a break but not run away.

I went back to trying to find a solution to my own situation. Then, this evening another friend called to talk about some things she was going through. She was weak and tired of it all when she was done sharing all that she was going through she said to me “look, I’m going home. I’m shutting down this laptop and going home to take a walk or just chill, we’ll pick things up tomorrow”. I shared with her what had happened to me earlier in the day and we ended the conversation encouraging one another

This is the lesson I took from today’s situation: no man is an Island. You can’t hold everything in yourself, you will crush from the weight of it all if you don’t unburden to someone you trust.

My friends and I felt lighter today after we helped shoulder one another’s burden. That enough, made us want to try again tomorrow.

Life is hard. Please get a support system. Though they may not be able to solve all your problems, you’ll never lack practical and emotional support.


Marriages in Nigeria

Diary of a Naija Guy: Marriages in Nigeria and Most parts of Africa are sustained by women

Marriages in Nigeria and most parts of Africa are sustained by women. You can argue this with your village deity. Women in general, put up with a lot of bullshit just to make their marriages work. From childhood they have been taught that a wise woman keeps her home. In order to keep their homes, they end up enduring a lot of ill-treatment.

Find any woman who has been with a man for donkey years and ask her if she would love to marry that same man over again in her next life. Majority would say no. This brings us to the point that most marriages are endurance marriages not happy marriages. Unfortunately, we are told that marital success is about duration.

A successful marriage isn’t about duration but happiness. If two people spend five years together, happily and add immense value to each other; if they decide to break up without fighting about it, their marriage can be rated as successful. Spending eternity together in sorrow isn’t the idea of success to me. It is what you do in the marriage that counts not how long.

Scan through the length and breadth of marriages in Nigeria and see the things women endure. This is not to say that women are innocent. Marriages in Nigeria is quite disadvantageous to the women folk. Except you are lucky to have a man who has a good head. Infidelity, entitlement mentality, domestic violence, third party interference, patriarchal orientation etc are some of the things women bear up. How many women are willing to walk out of their marriages when they are abused? They want to keep their homes and status. They want to raise their kids. They don’t want to be seen as failures. The moment a marriage fails, everybody points at the woman. This in itself is psychologically abusive. What is Marriage Really About?Turning Your Wife into A Househelp?

When it comes to marriages in Nigeria, everything wrong with the marriage, is the woman’s fault. Bad children are her fault. Failed business, failure to have kids, crappy sex, the man’s infidelity, the man’s arrogance towards his family members, his stinginess to people in general, his lack of spirituality, his night crawling attitude, his poor dressing, everything is her fault.

After all these years of matrimonial slavery, women are beginning to set their priorities right. It is becoming clear to them that the quality of the marriage is what matters. They have come to agree that being single and happy is more important than being married and frustrated. But men won’t let them be. The same men would abuse a woman for opting to stay single. Isn’t this insane? You are not ready to treat somebody right, yet you won’t let them be. You tell them how stupid it is for a woman to be single, but your mouth won’t utter a word to tell men that they should treat women better. These things are worrisome to me.

The women who are standing out and demanding for their rights as humans are being tagged with all sorts of names. We say all manner of things to dampen their spirits. We are citing them as the reasons behind the failure of marriages. What we have failed to see is that marriages weren’t successful as we were told. It is just that the women were covering up our nakedness just to make everybody feel that their marriages were perfect. The burden of covering up our masculine insanity has increased and they can no longer handle it. Recently, they have chosen to unmask the matrimonial institution and show the world what they have been hiding for ages. We are scared that our little secrets are being revealed. We aren’t as powerful as people thought we are. We are just cowards hiding under patriarchal privileges.

So the question is, how many men are willing to put up with a woman who would give them the same dose of madness they have been giving to women? Exchange the roles and let the men be at the receiving end. Men are walking out of their marriages for little things as who cooked food, she starved me of sex for a week, she slapped me, she was flirting with my boss, I met the house dirty. Very insignificant, compared to what women have been putting up with.

I would like you to judge for yourself. When it comes to marriages in Nigeria,Who is sustaining it? Apart from a few reasonable men, most men marry without a sense of marital purpose, which is why they destroy their marriages themselves and blame their wives. Now you can see that we can’t even put up with marital challenges, yet we are always quick to say that women who walked out of abusive marriages were not willing to make their marriages work. If you are such a man, I wish you a very bad woman, and I hope you stick with her and make the marriage work.

I want a good woman. I cannot come and suffer for the sins of other men. Bad women should go and marry bad men. Let the good marry the good. I didn’t come this far to pay for the stupidity of other men. After abusing a woman I will now come to reap your madness from her.

I wish myself and all the responsible men out there, good women that would value us.

Copyright Victor Ibeh 2017


Don’t Give Children Food or Drink Without Their Parent’s Permission

During NYSC, one of my neighbours had a small son, he wasn’t up to a year old then. His name was Nat. One day, we heard a quarrel in the compound and it was between Nat’s mum and another neighbour. Nat’s mum wasn’t really a troublesome person, in fact she was quiet and kept to herself most of the time. So everyone was surprised and wanted to know what caused her to be that angry.

We found out that the other neighbour had gone into her flat to visit. While she was in the bathroom, the neighbour had given Nat biscuit and a drink. Of course, we all wondered why that had gotten her so angry until she said “I do not eat or drink anything that comes from a party, either a child’s naming or birthday and neither does my child.”

It was then we all remembered that she attended The Jehovah Witness Church and it was a core part of the church’s doctrine.

The other neighbour however saw no wrong in what she had done. She kept shouting at the top of her lungs that she had done no wrong, and was not to blame.

Her refusal to see things from the point of view of Nat’s mum was what led to the quarrel.

A few days ago, I was at a store when I overheard a conservation between two women, obviously sisters.

One of them held a toddler by his hand and she was telling the other woman how offended she had been by what her mother in-law had done the previous day.

Apparently, mother in-law while eating had called the little girl to her side. She took half a spoon of rice, chewed it for a few seconds and then fed it to the child. The woman said she had immediately made her displeasure known to her mother in-law but the woman refused to apologise and even wanted to do it the second time, before she quickly dragged her daughter out of her way.

The sister had her opinion. She tried to reason with her, telling her that she should have employed more patience and wisdom in her outburst but the other woman was having none of it. She also asked her how should have known if the mother in-law had done that secretly. She said something like “Do you know the number of unhealthy things she eats at school?” “Just trust God to care for these little ones abeg.”

This statement got the other lady more angry. She turned to her sister, eyes blazing and said:

“She is my child, I bore her and I will give her only what I feel is good for her. How could she give my daughter food from her mouth? Sister, can’t Ada chew anymore? I just don’t understand the motive behind her actions. Don’t you see that it is so wrong? It is very gross! ”

I quickly caught myself before I opened my mouth to volunteer opinion no one asked me.

I can say it here though. I believe that she really should have employed more tact in dealing with the situation, but really, I think the mother in-law was wrong. They don’t bring children up like that anymore or do they?

I also know children will always be children. They eat and drink anything whenever their parents are not there to monitor them. But people, ask a parent for permission before you give their children food. Children these days react to just about everything. ASK o! You can never say.

Written by Ayo Al for Diaryofanaijagirl.com

Amitabh Bachchan

“Every Single Reason I’ve Been Rejected Has Become My Success Factor”- Amitabh Bachchan

“Every Single Reason I’ve Been Rejected Has Become My Success Factor”- Amitabh Bachchan

The journey to the top wasn’t a piece of cake for me. I’ve had my share of failures, rejections, losses and low moments

I’ve been rejected for several reasons. One time, I was once rejected by movie producers for being too tall, they said I was too dark skinned to be put on film. Another time I applied for a role on radio and I was rejected because of my baritone voice. But every single reason I’ve been rejected before now has become my success factor today

I constantly have to reinvent myself. When I was starting out as a young man, my movie career seemed like it was going nowhere. I had to reinvent myself in the movie ‘Zanier’. All of a sudden I had fans and a large followership. Producers began to call me for roles, they knew that once I appeared in their film, it would be a hit. They forgot that they had once called me ‘unfit’ for film. Read: “All You Can Do is Plant Your Seed in the Ground, Water it and Believe”- Tyler Perry

I once got injured on set of a film-Coolie; it was the beginning of health challenges. I had an intestinal injury and it [my stomach] has troubled me ever since. I’ve had to undergo several operations to deal with it. And each one has not been easy on my family. I was later diagnosed with myasthenia gravis [illness that causes weakness in muscles] and I thought of leaving the industry altogether

The amount of things I’ve been through and the way my body reacted has been phenomenal.No wonder I became religious, because you don’t know why something’s happening to you and you don’t know how you bounced back.

Another trying moment was when my production company went bankrupt. I almost lost everything. I thought to myself, ‘At this age, where would I start from? How would I support my family?’ I had put in so much into it, so much energy and love and passion, and here it was all crashing down around me. I couldn’t bear it.

Without a doubt that was one of the drakest moments in my 44-year professional career. It made me sit and think, I looked at the options before me and evaluated different scenarios. I got up and walked to Yashji (film director), who stayed behind my house. I implored him to give me work. That is when the worm turned.

Soon, I was able to pay back one and all. When they asked for the interest component, I did commercials in lieu for them.

“Koi bhi insaan chhota nah hota”. No man is small/insignificant. Here I am today, Amitabh Bachchan, not the actor, but the person. I overcame it all, and I’m not done.

Amitabh bachan is 74 Years Old.

hair stylists

Salon Chronicles: Hair Stylists are The Worst!

Salon Chronicles: Hair Stylists are The Worst!

Yesterday while I was at the salon, a very beautiful lady walked in. She was beautiful but her face was covered in tons of curly hair, she looked absolutely ridiculous. Like kingkong had his hair blown out but with a nice face

“Aunty Ahn Ahn you forgot something?” One of the stylists said. Apparently she just made that hair at THAT salon. Thank God I was only there for a perm, I would have changed my mind immediately

“My husband said he doesn’t like the hair that it’s not nice” beautiful lady said. I agree with the husband. It was obviously human hair, short and curly but it looked like there were 5 packs on her head. Still I looked at everyone through the mirror and pretended not to see them

“Aunty this hair is fine o. You know men, they don’t know what’s in vogue. You even look like all those Indians” This is the manager, rushing from her spot to assure the lady. I almost had a whiplash from the way I turned to look at the manager in shock. The beautiful lady looked at me and I gave her a very bright smile. In my mind I was screaming (don’t listen to them, don’t listen to them, your husband is right)

Beautiful lady smiled back at me and said “what do you think?” I needed to thread carefully here “what exactly were you going for? Do you have a picture?” I asked. She showed me the picture of this lady posted and said “I wanted this but a little bigger”

“What do you really think?” I asked her. “I complained small o but everyone said it’s okay”. I gave all the stylists a dirty look and told her “if that’s the picture you’re going for, then you should take out a lot of hair from what you have on now. Or what do you think?” I tapped another lady who has been pressing her phone all through but I had a feeling she knew exactly what was going on. “I think you should remove some weave. It’s a lot” the other lady also suggested

Beautiful lady said “Okay. OyA o, come and remove it”. I could see her stylist wasn’t happy and I heard her murmur all through. When she was done removing most of the extension and restyling, the beautiful lady actually looked like the woman in the picture

I have a major rule, if I don’t feel good about my hair, I won’t leave the salon until I do. Those stylists either have alien eyes or they’re simply the worst!

Taraji P Henson

At The Age Of 26, Taraji P. Henson Ran Off To Hollywood With $700 And A Baby, Here’s How She Made It

At The Age Of 26, Taraji P Henson Ran Off To Hollywood With $700 And A Baby, Here’s How She Made It

1) You are the sum of your work and effort, not other people’s opinions.

“We went to Paris and screened the pilot [of Empire] for a thousand people. Lee Daniels [the series’ co-creator] brought me onstage. The audience stood up on their feet and clapped. I cried because, for so long in Hollywood, I’ve been told that black women don’t do well overseas, that they can’t open a film overseas. That moment for me was the best moment of my life. That’s better than any trophy, any award, any nomination. You know how they say music can heal the world? I feel that way about art in general.”

2) Trust your journey, avoid looking in the rearview.

“I don’t think about other people. They are not walking in my shoes. They are not paying my bills. What makes me happy is when I do what I like to do, for me.” Read: I Disguised as a Man To Work in The Mines

3) Your obstacles are only as big as the power you give them.

“When I got pregnant in college, people said, ‘This is it for her.’ But I did not stop. I never missed a class. I was in the school musical when I was six months pregnant—we just made the character pregnant. When I graduated, I carried my son across the stage. I wanted to be an actress; I moved out to L.A. with him. People were like, “Are you crazy, moving to California with your son?” My father was like, ‘Leave him home.’ I said, ‘I can’t leave my son at home.’ [And eventually] my father said, ‘That’s your baby. That’s your blessing. He’s going to be your strength.’ And you know what? He was. I didn’t have time to go to the club to “network.” That’s B.S. No business deals go down at the club. So I didn’t get caught up in that. I had a mission. I had to make my dream come true. If I didn’t, what was I proving to my son?”

4) Avoid Situationships! Develop Relationships with partners who are willing to grow with you

“I’m a mother first. I’m not trying to bring this guy and this guy around. I’m raising my son, and he’s gonna respect women, and that starts with me. [Dating] in the spotlight—I have to consider my son. I don’t want to make it uncomfortable for him when he goes to school with his peers. And I have to answer to my mom too.

I’m not twenty-something. I’m not trying to find myself—I know exactly who I am and exactly what I want. And I don’t want a fan. I want a man who understands me, who challenges me, who calls me on my sh-t instead of letting me get away with it because I’m supposed to be a star. I want a best friend.”

5) Fear is a Jedi mind trick that can cripple you if you aren’t careful

“Fear will cripple you, fear will kill you, fear will make you believe you’re not worthy. After 17 years in prison, Cookie feels there is nothing to fear. She made it out alive. In her mind that’s how strong she is. We all have that strength inside us. We just have to choose it.”

Via: Glamour Magazine

Lie I Was Told When I was Younger

I Am A Married African Woman; I Do Not Want Kids. This is My Choice

I Am A Married African Woman; I Do Not Want Kids. This is My Choice

“When are you planning on having your own children?” My mother asks in tears. This is a regular occurrence , happens most times I visit her. I had told her since I was 18 I didn’t want to have kids, I wonder why she thinks I’ll change my mind. I have never had that thing fluttering in my womb crying to be let loose, and like you will say, my ovaries have never developed goose bumps. Kids are adorable, I love them, I hang out with my nephews and nieces all the time but I still don’t want kids

Before I got married, I had a difficult time with Nigerian men accepting this fact about me. There was a time I was scared to tell my then boyfriend I didn’t want kids because I did really love him and saw us spending our lives together. “Sanmi, do you want to have kids in future?” I asked him one day while holding my breath. “Ofcourse. why?” he replied “What if your wife can’t have kids or don’t want to have kids?” I asked him again “All women want to have kids now…”. I noticed he wasn’t taking the conversation seriously. “Sanmi I don’t want to have kids, I have no maternal instincts” Safe to say he took me seriously then but we eventually broke up after he realized he couldn’t change my mind

When I met my husband, I told him on the 3rd date I didn’t want kids and if he wanted to run, that was the best time for him to do so. He proposed to me right there, even though without a ring. He said he had found his soul mate and he would never let go. Apparently, we both don’t want kids and have been broken up with countless times because of that.

I am tired of telling people I don’t want kids, because the looks and lectures I get annoys me and wears me out at the same time. I know I am an anomaly, an African woman who has chosen to be childless. No! we will not change our minds. There is nothing wrong with us. We are happy with who we are. I asked him before we got married, “what if something happens and you change your mind?” He then asked me the same. We both didn’t have an answer but here we are, 11 years after, still loving life, loving our extended family and content within ourselves and with each other

I am not selfish, or any less of a female. It takes more than a uterus to be a woman

Written by Oby O.K for Diaryofanaijagirl.com

Sexual Abuse

Teaching Kids How to Defend Themselves From Sexual Abuse

Teaching Kids How to Defend Themselves From Sexual Abuse

I am Njideka Obi, founder and CEO of Safer Smarter Children Inc. I’m a mother to three amazing children aged 6, 4 and 2, a girl and two boys, and wife to a loving and supportive husband. I had an amazing childhood. My dad was a disciplinarian who doted on his kids but was quite strict. In fact, his disciplinary measures shaped me into the strong, confident woman that I am today and I will forever remain grateful to him for that

I studied law at the University of Nigeria, although I enjoyed working at a corporate job, I discovered I wasn’t fulfilled. I knew something was missing. I have always been passionate about children, and I love writing inspiring children’s stories that impact positively on their lives. My passion grew stronger as the years went by, and coupled with the alarming rate of child molestation, kidnap and other forms of violence against children, I made a decision to become a child safety advocate. As a child safety advocate I felt the need to teach children effective body safety rules and skills to keep them safe through my education and awareness initiatives. Today, that passion has taken the form of Funbug, a magazine publication targeted at children, and the Safer Smarter Children initiative Read: Letter To My Sisters

Up to 95 percent of child sexual abuse and other forms of violence against children is preventable through education and awareness. So, I felt a huge responsibility to apply my knowledge and passion to help as many children as possible

Lately, there has been so much talk in the media about child molestation. Child sexual abuse is increasing at an alarming rate and there is an urgent need to put a stop to it. We educate children on how to recognize sexual abuse, how to react to it and how to report it. We also educate them on how to avoid being kidnapped and what to do if they find themselves grabbed forcefully. They also learn how to avoid getting lost and what to do if they are lost

The funds realized from sale of the Funbug magazines is used to finance our child body safety trainings. All the training and awareness programs we have done so far have been for free.”

The feedback has been awesome! In fact, the magazine has surpassed our expectations, as more schools are subscribing to the Magazine. Parents have been piling the pressure to release more editions of the magazine; and the kids tell me how much they love it. Actually, I marvel at the reception and goodwill the magazine has earned so far.