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Body Image: Daughter Calls Her Mom “Fat”, And Mother’s Viral Response Sparks Heated Discussions

Body Image: Daughter Calls Her Mom “Fat”, And Mother’s Viral Response Sparks Heated Discussions

When Allison Kimmey told her kids playtime was over, her daughter got so upset she said ‘mama is fat’. So Kimmey decided to teach her kids a lesson about body image and the right use of the word “fat”

“My daughter called me fat today.

She was upset I made them get out of the pool and she told her brother that “mama is fat”.
I told her to meet me upstairs so we could chat.
Me: “what did you say about me?”
Her: “I said you were fat, mama, I’m sorry”
Me: “let’s talk about it. The truth is, I am not fat. No one IS fat. It’s not something you can BE. But I do HAVE fat. We ALL have fat. It protects our muscles and our bones and keeps our bodies going by providing us energy. Do you have fat?”
Her: “yes! I have some here on my tummy”
Me: “that’s right! So do I and so does your brother!”
Her brother: “I don’t have any fat, I’m the skinniest, I just have muscles”
Me: “actually everyone, every single person in the world has fat. But each of us has different amounts.”
Her brother: ” oh right! I have some to protect my big muscles! But you have more than me”
Me: “Yes, that’s true. Some people have a lot, and others don’t have very much. But that doesn’t mean that one person is better than the other, do you both understand?
Both: “yes, mama”
Me: “so can you repeat what I said”
Them: “yes! I shouldn’t say someone is fat because you can’t be just fat, but everyone HAS fat and it’s okay to have different fat”
Me: “exactly right!”
Them: “can we go back to the pool now?”
Me: no ??
Each moment these topics come up I have to choose how I’m going to handle them. Fat is not a bad word in our house. If I shame my children for saying it then I am proving that it is an insulting word and I continue the stigma that being fat is unworthy, gross, comical and undesirable.

Since we don’t call people fat as an insult in my household, I have to assume she internalized this idea from somewhere or someone else. Our children are fed ideas from every angle, you have to understand that that WILL happen: at a friends house whose parents have different values, watching a tv show or movie, overhearing someone at school- ideas about body image are already filtering through their minds. It is our job to continue to be the loudest, most accepting, positive and CONSISTENT voice they hear. So that it can rise above the rest.

Just do you!

Body Image

Body Image:”I Compared Myself to Others and Became Focused on What I Saw in the Mirror” Nicola King

“My name is Nicola King, I’m 24 years old. When I was 16, I became obsessed with my weight (Body Image) and started counting calories which led me to become sick. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with anorexia (an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat)

Growing up, I always had a healthy appetite, but when I got to my teens, I started having mood and anger issues. I became more aware of my looks and began obsessing over my weight. I always wanted to be slimmer or a different shape or size. I compared myself to others and became focused on what I saw in the mirror. The illness slowly crept into my head. It started with chocolate, and then I kept cutting out food and calories until I wasn’t eating anything at all. Read: Building Our Kids’ Self Esteem. A Lesson From my Mama

I could refuse to eat for six weeks straight or even drink water because I was scared of adding weight. A few years ago, it got so bad that I had to be admitted into intensive care. The doctors told my parents to say goodbye to me because my organs were shutting down. My hair was falling out, my periods stopped and I was in constant agony.

At my worst, I weighed four stone (25 Kilograms), had a BMI of eight and I felt dead. Some how I survived, because the doctors sedated me and kept me tube fed. Six months after, I was discharged from the hospital. I channeled that negative obsession towards weight building and started going to the gym

Going to the gym has given me focus and something I can get up for in the morning. It’s my therapy and escape and it’s a liberating feeling to push your body to the extreme but in a positive and healthy way. Its been a very long road since then but for the first time, I am proud of myself

I never thought I would get to this point. I didn’t even think I would still be here. Its surreal to have come this far- its overwhelming. When I look at the photos from when I was ill, it hurts, but I feel like I have come so far. If it wasn’t for my family and bodybuilding, I don’t know if I would still be here.”.