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Dating a colleague tips

Before dating a colleague at work; consider these 4 things

Because professionals spend most of their time together, it is not abnormal to hear of colleagues falling in love with each other.

Before acting on that attraction, however, here are 5 questions that you need to ask yourself.

1. Does your company have a policy against it?

Most companies have a policy in place which prohibits love affairs between colleagues.

So you need to ask yourself if your company has this type of policy, and how rigidly do they enforce this policy?

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2. Won’t I be distracted?

Love is a beautiful thing and we all encourage people to fall in love and experience its beauty.

However, company owners are after maximising profit and getting the best out of their workers.

So ask yourself, will this relationship significantly affect my work and productivity?

The answer you give might be the difference between having a job and being unemployed.

3. How successful will the relationship actually be?

You also have to consider the actual possibility of the relationship working because, in the situation that the relationship fails, you are going to be stuck with seeing that face everyday. Now imagine that.

4. How closely do you work?

How about the closeness of your activities at work? Do you work on different teams, or in different departments?

Or do you work in the same team?

How closely you work might also have an impact on whether a relationship with a colleague will work or not.