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Diary of A Naija Girl: Nigeria’s Top Inspirational, Motivational and personal development Blog

I am Diary of A Naija Girl (DANG): Wordsmith, Witty, Story teller, Content Curator, Fun lover, traveller, adventure lover, fashion lover, personal growth seeker, influencer and queen of sarcasm.

Writing does not have to be boring. Since humor can be highly persuasive when presenting a message to people, I make things interesting by infusing wit, sarcasm, humour and thought/emotionally provoking attributes which automatically generates engagement

Most importantly, DANG inspires, motivates and make people laugh through stories (her journal entries and other people’s stories), thereby sending people deep into their own thoughts to desire to do better and be better. In the process, making sure all contents are factual and devoid of gossip

You know that friend who says what you’re thinking but afraid to say? That’s me! I have an Opinion about everything: Life, love, Family, Kids (I love kids), Celebrities, fashion, politics, music, trending topics, movies…This is why my readers wait on me every Sunday to review a movie first before they decide whether to hit the cinemas or pass.

The mission of DANG is to create a platform/community to empower and Inspire the woman who is not afraid to speak her mind, the woman who wants to learn, laugh and most importantly, EVOLVE

I am glad you found this website. Just calm down your body and read through. No rush, so many stories for you to laugh, learn and get inspired by. You can start with these:

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