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I have always wondered why people take out time to put events of their daily lives on social media no matter how minute.

A huge percentage of Facebook and Instagram users are so frequent with posts that you could easily predict their routines. From a post like #wakeuptime with a matching picture, to another like #nightrest, you could virtually conjecture the current activity of that user based on the time of the day the user made that post.

Some posts help to pass information to friends and associates about important personal events like weddings, birthday’s e.t.c.

How do you explain posts about being in the bathroom, cooking or window shopping? Some even post about their marital and sexual lives (when you are not a celebrity, who cares?)

Well, based on personal observation, there is this natural ‘high’ that making posts on social media generates for its numerous users.

This high is possibly derived from getting a number of ‘likes’ for a post and maybe being the one who shared a post that went viral. To me, this is the only logical explanation for such time consuming and irrelevant internet behavior.

Researchers at the University Of California Institute Of Cognitive Neuroscience discovered that a region of the brain is responsible for regulating our motivation and reward process as both respond positively to creativity. When that part of the brain interprets a physical activity as some form of novelty or idea, it releases a substance known as ‘DOPAMINE’.

‘DOPAMINE’ serves as a reward drug that inspires humans to go exploring. It majorly affects movement, pleasure and motivation. When ‘DOPAMINE’ is released, it gives the feeling of pleasure or satisfaction such that is derived from sharing content on social media that would later feed curiosity and amuse thousands of users.

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These users would show their varying appeals for such content through likes or any other form depending on the platform. The desire to gain such satisfaction would make the social media user to keep making such posts, regardless of how vain and thus causing a release of ‘DOPAMINE’ to make him/her ‘high’.

Isn’t it interesting to note that, though people aren’t drinking, smoking or swallowing sedatives, they might just be getting their fix from ‘Facebook’, ‘Instagram’, ‘twitter’ or all other social media platforms???

So next time you are posting away about being at work, no light or your dating chronicles, just know that you are high.

Written by Green Veno for Diaryofanaijagirl,ng


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