My ex boyfriend battered, humiliated & arrested me. I want him to pay for all he did to me

3 November 19, 2018 By Dang

My now ex boyfriend battered and humiliated me. So on the 21st of October, I called him that I had an emergency, he promised to come over to my place but never did. I called him back only for him to become quarrelsome about it so I told him I was going to go over to his place since he doesn’t want to come to mine. On getting there, I realised another girl moved in with him. I was so shocked and sent him a text expressing my displeasure, he called me and insulted the day light out of me. I stayed there and waited for him to come back.  As soon as he entered, he slammed the door open, picked up his tall boy speaker and attempted to hit me.  I tried to calm him down that we can settle the whole issue amicably, he refused and went ahead to hit me with the object, all I know was that few minutes later I was on the floor and could hear him say ‘oh she is alive , let me kill her’. He continued the battering, pulled me by my braid till he pulled some out, strangled me and looked into my eyes and said ‘I never respected you’. I became weak and heart broken.

After this, he left me there and went out, he came back few minutes later with some policemen, he told them I barged into his house, that I scattered things and assaulted his dog, this is a dog that practically sleeps on my bed, a dog I take care of like a child (she is a really cute dog). I was arrested that night, I told him that I will sue him for battering so he sent his friend to take me home although I refused because they both came to arrest me so what was the point trying to take me out of the police station.

I really want him to pay for this, I have moved on but I just can’t get over the fact the he can hit me and still arrest me for nothing. It was so unfair and heartless of him, this is a man that moved into my apartment and stayed for 6 whole months last year with his dog.

I feel cheated, humiliated, used, oppressed and heart broken.

Written by anonymous for Diaryofanaijagirl


3 comments on “My ex boyfriend battered, humiliated & arrested me. I want him to pay for all he did to me

  1. Anonymous

    Sis ! This kind of f up you need area boys to treat it o. Abi you’ve already been arrested for a crime you didn’t commit might as well


  2. Kells

    What you will do is first arrange like 4 to 5 boys for your ex. You can either trick him into going somewhere with you or go to his house or make him come to yours. After making them beat the living day light out of him, call police abd tell me he came to rob you and he’s also a rapist. Two can play that his stupid game


  3. Anonymous

    i get it, it’s sad what happened but my advise is for you to make sure you heal first. give it a very long time then make him pay. he will never see it coming then. Goodluck



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