#ThrowbackThursday Mauritius Travel Diary Day 3: Hammam Bath Is Naked Bath

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It was Spa time, I have always wanted to do the Hammam (Turkish Bath) so there I was, ready in my bikini top and bottom as advised. First, I had to go to the steam room.

Everyone in the steam room was naked! Women of all shapes and sizes, minding their business in their birth suit. After staring in shock for seconds, a woman with humongous boobies beckoned to me to sit by her. She assumed I stood at the entrance because I couldn’t find a place to sit.

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Not ever will I be accused of being a prude, I quickly adjusted my brain and entered the steam room. Jiggly boobies, surgically enhanced boobies, paw paw and water melon shaped boobies, I saw them all. Some of them looked at me weird, like “who is this one that cannot join our naked sorority?” Excuse me please, I’m keeping my bikini on, I don’t care what you think

When I was done in the steam room, I proceeded to the Hammam and was given a male attendant. I thought nothing of it as we both proceeded to the beautiful Hammam. It was really a sight to behold. I was instructed to lay on a slab, preparing for the typical body scrub. Lying face down, I rested my head on my arms and closed my eyes.


That was the sound of a whole bucket of water poured on me without warning. I was shocked, then looked back to see the attendant wearing gloves with a black soap in his hand. He wasn’t looking at me but instead proceeded to begin scrubbing from my feet. I may have dozed off because I woke up to the attendant more or less ripping off my bikini top. “Hey. Let’s keep that on please” I said in shock. He looked at me disapprovingly and with a thick accent he said “Hammam bath is naked bath” As he was saying this, he was sliding my hands out of my bikini then yanking it out from under me.

Ah! What have I gotten myself into? I accepted my fate until it was time to turn around. I said to him “turn around”. He laughed as he walked away to get a bucket of water from one of the many taps in the hammam “I will wash everywhere Miss. Why cover?”

Huh? “wash everywhere? why cover?” Being naked in the privacy of my home is my favorite sport but baring it all to this guy who looked like he would thoroughly enjoy washing my jajaina and boobies? Nah!

I asked for the manager, requested a change in attendant while I gave the male attendant a good review.

The famale attendant was as gentle as the male, and I slept all through the hammam bath. I saw the male attendant on my way out, he pretended to sulk and said “when I bath you, your body strong, when my sister bath you, you sleep. why?”

Jamb question!

This post was initially published on the 22nd of August 2017.


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  2. Damilola

    Emoticons should be added to comment boxes cause i’m here lol.

    You sef why you strong body? Relax jere.

    Shebi you are the one receiving visions of babies soon.

    E so ara yi gan ni o.



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