My Friend’s Husband Molested Me. Now I Feel Guilty Because I Do Not Know How To Tell Her

1 October 25, 2018 By Dang

I want to get and seek knowledge from doctors about my state of health.

I am a rape victim, it happened when I was 11 years old, now I am 22. I am about to lose my mind and I am scared. At the same time, I  feel dirty and my heart bleeds 

I went to spend some weeks with a friend of mine who is also like a sister to me because she just put to bed, but her hubby has been making move towards me and he forcefully kissed me. I was in my room sleeping when I felt hand around me, only for me to realise he’s the one. He forced himself on me but he couldn’t penetrate but I could feel the touch of his Penis on the surface of my Vagina.

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My problems now is this

1- have been having some pain in my stomach since I woke up today (though I tried to drink salt and lime because my mum do give me whenever I have menstrual pain) is this pain normal?)

2- I want to inform his wife but how do I go about it without being made to feel guilty? Would she believe me? I was thinking of sending her messages when I get back to my place because I express my better through message than oral conversation.

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  1. Anonymous

    U were almost raped! How are U still looking for a polite way to tell her your friend that she’s married to a bloody rapist?! I would be too angry n livid to say it nicely. I came to your house to help U out n what do I get in return? An attempted rape! Walahi the whole world will hear.



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