Why You Can’t Expect People To Treat You As Good As You Treat Them

2 October 24, 2018 By Dang

We’ve all been there in a situation where you give a person your 100 percent best. You put everything into them and you would do anything for them. You’re there when they need you, you’re kind even when they do not deserve it. You go above and beyond for this person and you are so hurt when they do not treat you the same way back.

I know what it is like to feel this way sometimes and you feel so drained and beaten up seeing all of your hard efforts not even gaining you a slight bit of kindness in return. Whenever this happens I always go back to the time my mom gave me some of the best advice she could have ever given me when she said; “you can’t expect people to treat you as good as you treat them.” And she is right.

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If you have this problem then just know you have an extraordinarily kind heart. You are a giver, a lover, and a helper. You care even when no one seems to and you give out kindness like it is free to everyone you meet. Never change that because that means you contain a special kind of love and compassion some people do not even have the potential to possess.

I know you get tired of people hurting you or taking you for granted, I know you hope one day this will end and pain will never emerge again. The truth is though this world is full of people who do not always make smart decisions or appreciate what they have while they have it. There will always be someone testing you or trying to knock you down, someone who cares more about themselves then they do others. There will always be someone taking advantage of your kindness or never willing to do even close to how much you do for them- and that is okay.

Do not be mad or upset at yourself for the kindness you gave. Whether the person appreciates it or not, your kindness has a purpose and will take you so far in life. Keep giving out kindness and helping people and doing things for others because every kind act you do makes the world a better place, you leave a positive mark on this planet. Whoever you meet, no matter who they are, show them the capacity and capabilities you have in life and the love and greatness you have to give. Just do not expect anything in return from them.

Do not expect people to treat you as good as you treat them. Nobody can ever be you. Not everyone has your big heart, your kind mind, or your sweet smile. Not everyone appreciates life or people the way you do or understands the importance of being a good person and lending a helping hand. So with that said, if not everyone thinks the way you do or values people in the ways you can, how can you possibly expect them to treat you the same way back?

Never expect anything back from the things you give. Give love and kindness knowing you may not get it back at this exact moment but that is okay because in some ways you impacted that person’s life and even if they did not treat you okay in the end, one day you will get what you deserve.

One day all of your hard work, good efforts, endless amounts of love, and your kind, sweet heart will pay off and you will wake up and find good people to be in your life if you have not found them already. Cherish those who are good to you back and still respect those who are not because you are too good to stoop to their level.

Never change who you are and never let anyone knock you down. You are an extraordinary person who will always continue to grow. Just please, keep being kind while knowing you can’t expect people to treat you as good as you treat them.

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    1. Georgina

      True words of wisdom. Keep being good to people. Some people will learn from you and become inspired by your actions.



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