Here’s Why You Need To Learn The Other Half Of Patience In Business

0 October 22, 2018 By Dang

I’m kicking myself for not learning this earlier. I could have been so much further along! I could have progressed quicker. I could have been bigger.

But it doesn’t matter now because just recently, I learnt what it truly means to be patient.

Honestly, I thought I had it nailed. I thought I knew exactly what it meant to be patient. Until I started looking at writers profile pages on Medium. Then I realised I had learnt only half the lesson.

I’ll cover what I originally thought patience was and you can see if it matches up with what you think it is.

If it does, don’t worry. You’re about to learn an important lesson, one I only just learnt.

Being consistent in chasing a long term goal.

That, to me, was it.

You see, I thought that by doing this routine, everyday, I was setting myself up. In other words: I have the patience for the long term.

I have the patience to commit 3–5 years of my life to someday be an influencer.

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I have the patience to commit to relentlessly chasing my new business to someday see it be a success.

But like I said, this is only half of it.

I think a lot of us have a pretty good grasp on staying patient for the long term.

We know great things don’t happen over night and that we need to work in order to make them happen but we focus all our energy on that long-term goal and we forget to look closer.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I doing something the quickest way possible instead of the most effective?
  • What is the most effective way ( you’ll need to do some digging here)?

From here, you need to start implementing.

As soon as I waited for my article to be posted through a publication, it got 1000 likes. My usual is 15 likes and since I’ve been waiting, their engagement has been consistently high.

So ask yourself one more question, one I’ve already mentioned in this article:

Realistically, in the grand scheme of things, how long is the wait?


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