He Told Me He Has Forgiven Me But He Can’t Love Me Anymore.

1 October 17, 2018 By Dang

I’m in a relationship with this amazing guy and for so long I doubted everything he did for me, I was quick to conclude that he was lying and trying to play smart. So I tried not to be fully committed to him. Recently, an incident happened and the way he stood by me made me realise that he truly loves me and since then, I made up my mind to love him truly.

Recently, he had access to my old phone and password and he read all my chats. In a chat with one of my friends, he found out I went to sleep over at another guys place when we were together. He is so hurt. He said he has forgiven me but he can’t love me anymore. He wrote me a handwritten letter, A4 paper, filled both front and back.

I’m so sorry I treated him this way, I didn’t know he loved me that much. The guy I went to his place was just a one time thing, he used to be an old friend I met 2 years ago, everything with him recently wasn’t even up to 2 weeks, I felt so guilty the night I spent at his place and we ended up not having sex because I could not let him touch me. But the fact still remains that I went to his place.

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I’m really sorry for hurting him this way, he trusted me and I let him down.

I’m a good girl. I was a virgin till after my service year, I just wanted to try something different this year, I wanted to be able to say wild stories when I grow old, I didn’t want all my life stories to be boring. I’m sad that I met him at this stage of my life. I wish I had just been my old boring and naive self.

Babe, I’m truly sorry, I’m sorry that I took you for granted, I’m sorry that I rubbished your love. I’m sorry that I hurt you. I really do hope you read this.

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  1. Anonymous

    Girl,go on with your life. Have fun,lice a little you are young. I qas un a 6 year relationship from year 1 of uni, I loved him but I regret not going a bit wild and enjoying my youth



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