Good Manners Tips Individuals Need To Be Better

0 October 16, 2018 By Dang

These tips would help you leave have good manners and live better while interacting better with people around you.

1.Always dress up neatly when you go out.Let it be,stepping out of the house for a short meet up or a long meet up.

2.Always smile towards anyone and everyone.It does not cost you a penny,only makes people think you are a really nice person.

3. Be honest. It will take you a long way and you’ll never get into trouble.

4. Open the door behind you for your elders always. Your respect in their eyes will always increase.

5. Always ask your loved ones about how their day went. It literally changes the mood for them always.

6. Excuse yourself if you sneeze and cover your mouth.

7. If you use a public toilet,flush before you leave. So that the other person can without any discomfort use the toilet.

8. Teach someone if they need help from you.Its one of the most noble things to do.

9. Additionally, say “excuse me” whenever you accidentally bump into someone, or if need to leave a social setting temporarily.

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10.Know how to greet people.Whether you’re in an informal or formal situation, acknowledging the presence of another person is a fundamental point of having good manners. (Failing to do so can be seen as an insult in most settings.) Here’s what to do:

If you’re greeting someone you know as a family member or close friend, an informal greeting is enough. It can be as simple as “Hey, how’s it going?”

11. Write Thank-you notes Whenever anyone gives you a gift or does something particularly nice for you, send him or her a thank-you note within a few days (or a few weeks, for larger events such as a birthday party). Note how thankful you are for the specific gift or action, and how delighted you are to have the other person’s friendship.

12. Check your voice! It carries much more than just a tone, and reflects your character and personality even on the phone! Remember: your listener cannot see you, so your phone-voice becomes your facial expressions, gestures, personality, and character. Always check your voice when speaking; speak in a pleasant tone and very clearly. Smile through your voice! What they hear will make a positive or negative impression.

13. Don’t chew with your mouth open. It’s an obvious rule, but one that’s easy to forget when you’re enjoying a delicious meal.

These are just a few out of the cazzilion more manners we should all know about but hey little by little it all contributes.



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