My Friend Likes The Same Guy I Want To Be In A Relationship With

4 October 15, 2018 By Dang

I met Jonathan a few days before my best friend Bekky met him too. The very first day I met him we didn’t really get to talk, but merely exchanged contacts and I was indeed astonished by how calm and responsible he was. We got talking later on, nothing personal though and I realised he was also very intelligent and smart.  To top it all, he works in one of the big four auditing companies in Lagos, lives in a very comfortable apartment and drives a really nice car. So it’s almost impossible for a guy like this in Lagos to be calm, level headed and responsible to a fault.

So I decided to find out more about him and discovered he’s single and the girlfriend recently broke up with him. As a lover of love stories that I am, I was already playing the whole scenario in my head and secretly praying to God that he gets to love me too and start a relationship with me. While all this was going on in my head, I didn’t think it was necessary to mention this to my friend who was already romantically involved with Jonathan’s best friend in the office.

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It turned out that my best friend broke up with the so called colleague and actually wanted Jonathan instead. According to her he is smart, intelligent, financially stable and from a very rich family in lagos. She on the other hand is a very intelligent and pretty young lady and it is almost impossible for any guy to turn her down. I was very confused and was caught in between telling her about my secret love for Jonathan too or just to keep quiet about it. Well I did the later and have regretted it ever since.

She was able to coerce me into linking her and Jonathan up since I had a direct contact with him and because she was ignorant of my feelings for Jonathan. Now they go out on dates, even though Jonathan seems not to be interested in her, and according to her too, he’s not her regular kind of guy as he’s not very social and doesn’t club. He has not asked my friend out yet and has mentioned it that he’s not dating her. But she is very determined to make things work out between them because of how financially stable he is and because of his wealthy family background.

So I am just lost in the middle of all of this, not happy with my best friend but can’t tell her why. I also become uncomfortable in the midst of other friends with my best friend and Jonathan there too.

Please what do you advice I do, break them up and become sworn enemies with my best friend of many years who has been very good to me or just endure the heartbreak I feel every time I see them together.

P.S: Jonathan is very fond of me and seems to enjoy my company too. And his Ex-girlfriend recently got back into the picture and is trying to fix things between herself and Jonathan.

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4 comments on “My Friend Likes The Same Guy I Want To Be In A Relationship With

  1. BBB

    My advice is that you tell this Jonathan how you feel but because he seems to be in such a complex situation you would rather keep your distance as you value your peace of mind.

    If he has any brains in-between his ears, he’ll end things with your friend and his ex and pursue you.

    If he doesnt have any brains,on to the next.

    you are a woman, you are the favour factor and the prize. Don’t forget that.


  2. Anonymous

    Sister, just take a step back from all these mess, then wait and pray and at the right time if Jonathan is for you,things will fall into place. Right now, with his ex and your best friend, everything is just too messy.


  3. Anonymous

    I really think you should forget him, to avoid complications. If he’s not a clueless person, he should know or have an idea that you like him too. Therefore, if he feels the same way, he should act on it. Guys regardless of any situation surrounding them, tend to go for who they really want, considering the fact that he also met you before her.. I don’t think it should be hard for him if he really likes you.


  4. Anonymous

    You would want to stay clear of the drama about to unfold. If he liked you as you’ve assumed, he would have turned your friend down n gone on dates with you. With the ex now in the pic, you don’t need to get involved in that kinda mess. You can’t fault your friend coz you didn’t open up. Move on babe.



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