#FlashbackFriday Running Away From Home Got Us Into More Trouble Than I Imagined

0 October 15, 2018 By Dang

My brother and I balanced our bodies on our right leg and right hand finger.

“Mtchew! Somebody cannot tell their own father the truth?” I thought to myself.

Soon, stubbornness and bravado began to depart from me through fatigue and sweat. It was time to change position to the left leg and left finger. But, Chef watery beans wasn’t having it. As soon as he noticed us trying to shift positions, he bellowed, “Do not change position! MAINTAIN position!”

As Ebenezer Obey continued to sing in the background, there was one thing my brother and I knew for sure, Chef watery beans wasn’t our real dad.

That night, we made a plan to secretly move out to our mama’s cousins’ place until her return.

THIS! Was a terrible idea.


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