How do you cope when you stumble on Your boyfriend’s traditional marriage pictures on Instagram

1 October 12, 2018 By Dang

My cousin called me few hours ago to share her ordeal with me and I felt I should share it as well.

Few days back, I had a dream about my cousin preparing for her wedding, there was so much joy in the atmosphere and it felt like an elaborate wedding. I shared the dream with my cousin the following day.

Few days later, she had a similar dream and she wondered why, then she thought about her boyfriend whom she hadn’t spoken to in the past few weeks and she couldn’t understand why he hadn’t been taking all her calls.

Before that, she was scheduled to travel to Germany for a vacation and her boyfriend while professing his love for her asked her to travel afterwards with him to Paris and they’d go to London from there. She quietly agreed in order not to look travel thirsty because she recently found out her boyfriend is wealthy and never wanted it to seem like she was after his money. After all, she was sponsoring herself to Germany. She went ahead with her trip to Germany.

Unknown to her, her boyfriend had been in a relationship with a lady he was to get married to and the trip to Paris was for their pre-wedding shoot!!!

My sister is so hurt as she stumbled on her boyfriend’s traditional marriage pictures on Instagram! Just imagine you’re scrolling through Instagram, entertaining yourself and then you find your boyfriend’s traditional wedding photos. So teey bellaNaija carry the news.  How do you even digest it?

I’m shot of words, I don’t get it. No fights, no quarrels, the guy just decided it was okay to keep her in the dark and get married right under her nose? He didn’t think it was sensible to break up with her first and tell her they can’t go on?

I just think this is sheer wickedness in its raw form. Undiluted. Unprocessed. God bless him o!

Her Boyfriend of 7 months got married to a lady he met 6 months ago. Shoot me.

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