#TBT: Dear Lagosians, “I’m in a meeting”, is The Greatest Lie Ever Told. Here’s How I Found Out.

5 September 20, 2018 By Dang

Nigerians need to start respecting themselves with this “I’m in a meeting” phrase. What meeting? Some of you are on your bed going through Instagram, in your office playing candy crush or somewhere lounging with friends. Just as I found out today.

I have been calling a particular man all week because he bought a product from me and has refused to pay for a long time. This is a supposedly big man who has a little over a hundred staff and goes to Dubai for the weekend when he’s stressed out.

Today, I decided to call him again to remind him of my payment. He eventually picked up the second time and whispered dramatically, “I’m in a meeting please let me call you back”. Liar! I’ve heard that before. I know a fake whisper when I hear one.

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“No problem I’m on my way to your office I’ll see you soon”. I cut off the call without giving him a chance to respond. Seconds later, a text message came in “I’m not in the office. At Abuja in NNPC”.

Okay…So maybe he was not lying after all. I fixed another lunch with a colleague at a seaside hotel because I was already dressed and needed not to waste make-up and outfit.

The seaside of the hotel can be seen at the reception. So, as I got into the hotel, the first person I saw through the glass doors was Mr Debtor drinking beer, lounging amongst a group of men.

“Hol’ up! Am I in Abuja?” I wondered to myself. I took a deep breath and walked in a straight line towards him and his group. Simultaneously, I got on the phone telling my colleague I had arrived, she asked me to look to my left and I’d see her. I looked to the left, waved at her, told her I’ll be with her shortly and continued to head towards the lounge, what did I see?


No way! I didn’t care about my heels, I picked up the pace. As I pushed the glass door open, I looked left and to my right, I saw that Mr Debtor had not gone too far. So I shouted his name, “[Mr debtor] is this the new NNPC? He stopped in his tracks, walked back to me and said, “Don’t make a scene. Respect yourself”

‘I should respect myself’, Issokay. I laughed really hard as I gently grabbed his arm, walked back to where he was seated and sat with him and his friends. So I said to him to the hearing of everyone, “Oya o, transfer my money now or write me a cheque please, just know if the cheque bounces my bank is obligated to report it to EFCC. Also, let’s not make me ‘disrespect myself'”.

Mr Debtor sent for his chequebook, wrote me a cheque furiously. I thanked him and bid his friends farewell. Behind me, I could hear him talking furiously in Hausa.

Who cares, I also had a “meeting” to attend.

Written by DANG

This post was initially Published on: 23 Jun 2017


5 comments on “#TBT: Dear Lagosians, “I’m in a meeting”, is The Greatest Lie Ever Told. Here’s How I Found Out.

  1. Free Spirit

    I’m glad you got your money. Some people don’t have consciences at all. They can comfortably pay yet they choose to owe others.


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