#TBT To That Time Odemwinge Declared His Love For me…How did I Respond?

1 September 13, 2018 By Dang

It was 200L first semester when Odemwinge (My ex in Uni, not the popular footballer) first told me he loved me. I thought I didn’t hear him correctly so I continued with the noodles I was preparing for him. You see, I didn’t love Odemwinge but I was desperate to have a boyfriend because all my friends and flatmates were booed up. He was consistent and a very nice young man.

So, while he was eating his noodles, he repeated himself, “I love you”.

Ohhhhhhhhh…what kind of problem is this? His eyes looked so soulful, it felt to me like he meant it but I wasn’t there yet, so I stayed mute.

Silence…as he waited for me to respond. What is life? Why do I have to be put in this kind of situation? I didn’t want to hurt him and he had moved his plate of noodles aside, it was my turn to declare my love. He said again, “I love you Ife”. So I flung back a quick retort “Ah!!! Calm down o, ehen. Is that how they used to love somebody?”

I am proof that being a good girl does not guarantee you being loved

He laughed, which made me laugh and we moved on.

We were on the balcony one day, kissing under the moonlight, obviously the kiss had entered my Medulla Oblongata and blocked the part that reasoned straight because that day when he said, “I love you” I responded with, “I love you too”.

Ewoooo, ”I deereent mean it o, how do I take it back?” I thought to myself. I have always hated leading people on or lying about my feelings so I immediately stopped kissing him and quickly said, “With the love of Jesus o, with the love of Jesus!” He let it slide, kissing continua.

That was the first of many times he told me he loved me. Since I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, I would come up with colourful responses like:

– “Awwwwww”

– “Thank you”

– “With all my wahala?” [Genuine confusion.]

– “You better”

– If there’s time, I’d break into gospel music, goofy style, “Yes I love you with the love of the Lorrrrrrrrd, Yes I love you with the love of the Lorrrrrrrrd, I can see all over youuuu, the glory of the Lord…”

– “Niceeee”

– “I hear…” And Yinmu [Patience Ozokwor default mode]

Odemwinge used to laugh at these responses, he was a good spot. I later found out he had a girlfriend.

Oh well…


Written by Diaryofanaijagirl.


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