What Really Is Feminism? Lessons I Learnt From’The Movie, “Hidden Figures”

0 September 11, 2018 By Dang

In light of the movie I just saw, “Hidden Figures.”, I’d like to share my thoughts on feminism and what it truly means.

I don’t know if you’ve seen it but I recently did, after my big sis gave me the gist of the movie, I wanted to see it for myself because I was so inspired by the stories of some women breaking grounds and taking other women along with them.

A lot of times, feminists or shall I say women complain about being in positions where they can’t find other women to assist them.

A man can find another man in any multinational and on any top level floor, but sadly, not every woman can. Many women still work in offices where they are the only ones there.

What does this mean? That other women aren’t smart enough or hardworking enough? The answer is absolutely NO.

In Hidden Figures, I saw women reach for the stars, do the impossible and most importantly, inspire and HELP other women do the same.

Dorothy (Octavia Spencer) learnt that programming was the language of the future and was very necessary to keep the jobs of the coloured women, and what did she do?

Stole, okay took a book from the library, taught herself and other black women like herself, so that they could all win together and have their jobs.

That HELP she rendered seems to be the missing part of the 21st century woman’s feminist manifesto.

I do not say that you must force people to grow or help them if they don’t want to be helped, but, I believe that women in top positions can do more to help other women come up higher.

In theory, majority of the women on Instagram and in real life, claim to be feminists and championing women’s causes but how many of the said women, actually help the women coming after them.

How many women at their jobs, in their businesses and in other interactions with women; mentor them, give them opportunities to learn/work, give their females employee who’s studying for her masters but also working, a break during her exams to read, how many women see another woman who’s new to the office and gives her a few helpful hints instead of mocking her skirt, give other women actual helpful tools for their business, even do some pro bono work if it requires that, how many women like Dorothy, will find the new gold and share with other women, instead of claiming that the others will tussle for power with them.

A tribute to My Dad And Others Like Him Who Taught Us Confidence

I don’t know all things, but this I know; words are useless, unless backed up by action.

We can’t all claim to be feminists, if we climb up the ladder of success and push it down, to deny others access or even stay there dormant, not lending a hand to the next woman coming behind her.

I really think every feminist or woman who desires a clearer understanding of the subject, should watch the above mentioned movie.

I leave you with a quote to emphasize this point, ” I may be the first woman member of Congress, but I won’t be the last,” – Jeannette Rankin.

Written by Tracy Olisa


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