The Fear Of My Daughter Being Molested Has Made Me Paranoid Of Every Male Around

4 September 11, 2018 By Dang

I am a mum of 4 kids. 2 girls and 2 boys. I have plenty relatives living in my house at any particular time. Everyday we read about perverts defiling young girls and even fathers molesting their daughters and this has heightened my fears. I think I may lose it soon.

My first son is 18 and his immediate is a girl who is 15 and they are super close. My kid brother is in my house, he is in year one. My husband’s relative- a guy is also in my house. My second daughter is almost 13 but has a mature body. I have 2 other grown ladies in my house too.

I am literally like a hawk and an antenna in the house snooping and looking. Due to a robbery incident, we had to have CCTV put everywhere in the house. The monitor is in my room and most nights, I wake up at the least sound to watch movement.

I have never noticed anything out of place. I was monitoring my brother and my husband’s relative in the house but now my monitoring spirit has shifted to my son and daughter.

I read a story online recently about a brother and sister that were having sex under their parents nose without them finding out. This has thrown me into panic and I know I need help.

Yesterday, I saw my son come out my girls’ room sweating profusely. You can’t imagine the thoughts that ran through my mind. I asked him what he was doing in the girls’ room and he innocently said he went to pick his towel. I asked why he was sweating and he said he had been working out and wanted to shower but could not find his towel.

He passed and I tiptoed to the girls room to find my daughter was sleeping soundly, unaware her  brother even entered her room.

I am crying as I am typing this because I need help. I am paranoid and these kids are good kids and innocent. I have had the sex education talk with them individually and the girls together at least 4 times.

What do I do?

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4 comments on “The Fear Of My Daughter Being Molested Has Made Me Paranoid Of Every Male Around

  1. Anonymous

    Relax mama bear. You’d be least you can still caution yourself and realize when you are going over the top. Better safe than sorry I guess. Take it easy on yourself and trust your job in bringing them up well


  2. Anonymous

    I have a beautiful 1yr old daughter and I can honestly relate with this.. I am always paranoid about any male being around my daughter. I was molested all my lives at different ages by different people. When my baby was born and up to 6 months I wouldn’t let my husband bathe her or dress her up. Now I’m little bit cool with my husband doing stuff but I get worried thinking about other people. I don’t want to continue like this but the my experience and news out there is scary.


  3. Ty

    Have a girls day out regularly. Relax with your daughters if you are parents friend with then this relationship can be built of trust. Trust that they can come to you with any problem and this trust also gives you peace of mind.


  4. Anonymous

    Will it be bad if I say no one(relatives) can live with me.
    To be molested it has to happen at home or you go stay with someone. I think I will be selfish and sorry no relatives. i will leave.
    Marriage is between 2 people, not 3 or more. And it will not survive other people sharing our home.



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