How Can A Wife Or Girlfriend Ask Her Husband Or Boyfriend For Money?

2 September 07, 2018 By Dang

There has been something bothering me and this is something that is very important in a marriage or relationship. It is the issue of ” Requesting for Money”. Please I need to know, how can a wife or girlfriend ask her husband or boyfriend for money.

Because there are some not so thoughtful men who never give their partner money unless she asks. It just baffles me, because I cannot claim to love and care about you and pay no attention to your financial needs.

I’m dating someone currently, we’ve gone out on few dates, and I paid once on of the dates. We both are working, but he earns like 300% more than what I earn. He is also older than me. But he never pays attention to my needs, all he is always concerned about is getting married to me because i’m a virgin/good girl.

Last week, I told him I was hungry, he told me he has not been paid yet, I was shocked because I didn’t ask for money, It was just lunch I asked for and I told him I couldn’t believe he made that statement. That was how Oga blew up and started yelling that he thought I was different and that I’m after his money, and he would never in his life tell me about what he earns. Just all because I asked for lunch. I just got pissed and decided to not even say anything further. 

He says he has forgiven my infidelity but he still won’t let us continue dating

Please I need to know, was I wrong to have asked him for lunch? 

P.S.  I have never asked him for money and he has never taken care of my needs except for paying on dates.

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2 comments on “How Can A Wife Or Girlfriend Ask Her Husband Or Boyfriend For Money?

  1. Anonymous

    The guy is just being stingy. A man that claims to love should be interested in meeting up basic needs even without u asking.


  2. Heiress

    That man is stingy! You better run! I’m a feminist but I also insist that a man MUST want to take care of his woman, it’s only natural, if he loves you even if he makes lesser than you he’d still want to spend for you because he loves you, plus he’s dating you for the wrong reasons, being a virgin? Come on, you are more than virginity and what not, people should want to be with you for you not because of ephemeral things like virginity. This is a huge red flag and will be a deal-breaker for me, plus he’s stingy! I hate stingy men with a passion!



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