I let my guard down, fell in love and this happened

2 September 03, 2018 By Dang

Been staring at a particular hand bag sitting on my dressing table for the past few hours and the story behind that bag sent me down memory lane….

One of the numerous bags ‘A’ bought me when we met. I was just a naive twenty year old undergraduate in one of the Federal Universities in south west Nigeria. I had stepped out with my friends to buy food at one of the mamaputs renowned for their tasty palm oil stew and rice and beans in town….which I consider my greatest undoing till this day.

After eating to our heart’s content, we made to go back to our various hostels, the sun was scorching but it was like the entire universe was against us that afternoon as buses and bikes became scarce. While awaiting a  vehicle, a black car stopped – the Car occupant asked to drop us in our hostel and we were too grateful to refuse the ride. I and my friends hopped in and when we arrived at our all girls hostel, we exchanged numbers and said our goodbyes. ‘A’  called later in the day asking if I was free to hang out with him at night to get know ourselves better and I agreed.

What Happens When You Have To Deal With Someone You Dislike

8pm that fateful day, A picked I and one of my girlfriends up, I took her along as my extra security and we settled for one of the new restaurants in town, made our orders and started making conversations with A.

During the course of our conversation, I learnt A works for an O&G company and had just been posted to one of the company’s branches in town. I  noticed he used a baby’s picture as his phone’s wall paper and an alarm went off in my head.

“Your baby is beautiful” I said and he responded, “Thanks she really is. She is actually my brother’s daughter and my brother ‘s child is automatically mine.”

You see I paid the compliment to be really sure he wasn’t married. Few hours later, the night was over and A dropped I and my friend off in my hostel. After that night, A would call me to tell me sweet nothings, check on me and he was really nice and sweet. A asked me out, I liked A but I could not just ignore my initial misgiving about him , so I faced front and at some point we barely spoke or chatted as I already saw him as a “No go zone”.

  On a fateful Friday afternoon, A asked if I was down for a wedding in a near by town,I was really bored and as the saying, the idle hand is the devil’s workshop, I agreed to accompany him…

We left the party too late and couldn’t travel back, A and I lodged in an hotel over night and that night cleared off any doubts I initially had about A as I thought it would actually take a disciplined man to pass the night in a room with a lady and not harass her.

That night was the beginning of my relationship with A although I refused to define what we had as there was this tiny voice telling me not to let my guards down. As my relationship with A blossomed, I finally let my guards down, and we became an inseparable item in my school as we did practically everything together. He would drop me in school for lectures, pick me up, help with my assignments, and Oh A spoilt me silly with gifts both cash and material gifts .

I was beginning to forget the promises I made to my parents to be good at all times, I forgot the number of times my mother had to travel down in the rain to process my admission into the university. Lectures were abandoned for exotic trips with A and I was rarely in school. You see, my mum had paid heavily for me to acquire a skill but I was not regular in my boss’ workshop and surprisingly my parents never caught me as I was always lucky to be in whenever they came visiting unannounced.

I never had a reason to doubt A. I searched around his apartment so many times but there was no trace of anything questionable until a day when I was going through his phone and I found his wedding invitation card from the year before. This confirmed my initial misgivings.

“A is married, How come?” I asked myself. We were always together, He never took or made suspicious phone calls so, I was perplexed.

To be continued

Written by Moyosore Arowolo for Diaryofanaijagirl.ng


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