Why I would consider getting surgery done in the twinkle of an eye

0 August 25, 2018 By Dang

Sitting in conversation with my friend recently, the subject of surgery came up and I am sure I shocked her a bit when I answered in the affirmative when asked if I would ever consider getting my body done.

She looked at me for a few seconds, smiling a bit and asked: “For real? Would you really do it?” I laughed loud and answered yes again.

I understand her confusion. I am always singing the song “I love my body. I love myself. I love my face. I am so beautiful.” and all such. Several times, she would pretend to cover her ears telling me she was tired of hearing me talk about my ‘fineness’.

This was primarily why she thought I was joking when I said I could consider surgery.

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When I announce my beauty to my friends and family, I do not say it to be vain or out of pretence. I say it because in all sincerity, I am in love with me. I love my body, my face and everything that comes with it. Which is why anytime i discover that there is something happening to me (body) which I am not comfortable with, I am quick to do something about it.

It could be as minute as acne scars, peeling skin, bloating, swollen feet and others.

All these being said, I am still not against surgery. I am of the opinion that everyone should do that which they are comfortable with and which would make them happy.

As much as I am in love with my body, I am quite uncomfortable with my legs. Yes, I said so! You see, fine, sturdy legs are one of the things that attract me to people and I always say that were I a man, I would definitely get turned on by fine legs. Lol.

But somehow, the gods have not blessed me with fine legs and I so love wearing shorts (covers face) So while I love me now, the minute I get absolutely uncomfortable with these legs and I feel it can be worked on, this baby girl would get surgery to have finer legs.

I think this does not have to do with worshipping your body or making it an idol. It means that you are confident enough to go for what makes you happy and you are proud enough in your insecurities.

So would I go for surgery if given the opportunity, I definitely would. But for now, I remain content in my self and I still LOVE me.

Written by Ayo Al for Diaryofanaijagirl


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