#Flashbackfriday The childhood prank that earned me the worst beating ever

2 August 24, 2018 By Dang

I believe I was around 9/10, it was environmental sanitation day. My friends dared me to climb into the well and scrape water from the bottom because the well was almost dry and we didn’t want to go out to fetch water to wash the drainage. I climbed into the well and after scraping 2 buckets of mud and water, I tried to climb back up but my legs and arms were wet and slippery. Climbing back up was impossible.

It was then I knew, all my enemies would be unfortunate.

Chinyere my neighbour, ran to call our closest ally, brother Tunde. Brother Tunde then asked us to hold on that he was going to get a ladder. This man who would later in life represent Judas, came back with my dad and the other two dads living in our compound.

I looked up and I saw these men stick out their necks to look at me. No one pitied me, I think they were intrigued by my foolishness. To me, the three of them looked like the devil. For this reason, I decided I was better off staying back in the well. So I told my dad, “I’m okay here. You can go.”

Dad said nothing. It was too quiet up there. Why? Something was going on in my heart, I felt like my chwest would explode. So I held on to my left breast and began to gasp. My dad asked me without panic “what is it?” My heart pumped harder. I’d rather die in the well still. “Nothing. I just want to stay here.”

Where was my mum when I needed her? They lowered the ladder and I knew it was time to face the music.

What is life?

I hadn’t even gotten to the top before my dad pulled me up. What I saw made me turn back in an attempt to jump back into the well…All my accomplices lay face down on the floor, head on their arms, straight as a ruler.

Childhood Shenanigans: The Story of My Broken Bum Bum

I was asked to join them. I remember we lay there for a long time because the Koboko (whip) that would be our punisher was being soaked in warm water.

I pray for you all, not to have a memory like mine, the type that remembers EVERYTHING! Because right now, as I write this, my butt aches. 12 strokes of Wet koboko on a wet ass, I wish on no one.


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