Would I be labelled a bad mum if I took my stubborn son to live with his paternal grandparents?

1 August 23, 2018 By Dang

Is it wrong to take my 10 year old son to his paternal family? He’s stubborn, everything like his father and I mean 100% genetics because he hasn’t met his dad yet! (my worst mistake ) I am gradually going into depression because I have had to single-handedly raise him even while i was in school (which resulted into my graduating with a THIRD CLASS – B.sc! Far below my capabilities).

I feel so terrible giving this a thought but I have tried to do the best for him yet I get bad reports all round. Would I be labelled a bad mum if I take him to them? We were never married &no form of help has ever come from his father.

Am I a bad mum for wanting to do this??? With 68k as my salary ( that’s thankfully what I could get with my ND Cert as I am currently serving),yet he’s in a school where I pay #100k plus as fees  just because I felt that would make it all better but NO! It only gets worse by the day…

What do I do exactly? I haven’t had a relationship or even a date like forever because everything I do revolves around him and when he’d be back from school, just so he doesn’t stay home alone to avoid stories (even Nysc camp, I was there for just 5 days yet I got back to complaints and reports).

I am sincerely tired! Yes,I love him greatly but now he’s gradually taking my happiness away… What do I do  with my son???

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  1. Anonymous

    Parenting is hard. Its hard when both parents are available let alone a single parent. I think because he has never met his father or paternal grandparents it might not be wise to just take him there because you need a short break. They are strangers to him. But you could look into finding him a mentor or male figure who he can talk to or look up to. It could be an Uncle, Cousin, a good friend but someone who can give him guidance. If money allows you could enroll him in a club of an activity he enjoys like a soccer club, clubs have rules which must be adhered to. Good luck and I wish you well. But don’t give up. Always remember, it takes a village to raise a child. Just vet your village.



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