On the difference between Spirituality and religiosity

0 August 19, 2018 By Dang

I met someone very recently and we got talking. Somewhere during our conversation, he asked me, “Are you religious?” To this, I responded, “No, I am more spiritual than religious.”

He looked lost for a while and then, he said: “Well, if you say so. I am not really interested in those sorts of things.”

To me, his response seemed strange because he looked like he sincerely did not understand the difference between spirituality and religiosity and since he had shown me he had no interest, I did not bother explaining.

Spirituality can be complex, ultimately, it has to do with feeling connected to something larger than oneself, connection to a supreme being that makes you live and do better. On the other hand, being religious is rather simple, it is based on the importance one places on religion and religious attendance.

Do not ignore the Red Flags in any relationship, always keep your eyes open.

In my journey through life, I have gone through so many experiences that made me know that never should value be placed on religiosity above spirituality. Look around you, too many people practice who are religious are not connected to the supreme being, they are religious for personal reasons and their eye service is the greatest.

These religious folks who are not blameless themselves think they are the most perfect and then go ahead to judge those who they think are not as spiritual as themselves. This is very wrong.

Let’s practice self discipline. Choose spirituality over religiousity, get connected and quit the hypocrisy.

Written by Ayo Al for Diaryofanaijagirl.ng


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