Still single, still bold, still strong, still refusing to be someone’s challenge

2 August 16, 2018 By Dang

Here’s what I’ve noticed. I am:

1. Smart

2. Funny and love to laugh

3. Business minded

4. Schooled on etiquette and can still go hood real quick and then back to posh.

5. I know exactly what I want.

6. Emotionally stable/intelligent.

7. A critical thinker

8. Romantic

On paper, men like the idea of me. In real life, most of them want to break me to be able to stay committed to me. Why can’t we live and let live though? This is quite pitiful….for them. Not me.

One time I met a very intelligent man and who had his life on a steady path to success, I liked that, I liked him too. He would tell everyone, “have you met Ife? Mhen she’s amazing”. Then we hung out with his friends and we talked like we’ve known one another forever and also covered a variety of topics including football, Donald Trump, the stock market, cryptocurrency and travel.

RIP Monday, You Will Always Be A Big Part Of My Childhood
On our way home, uncle looked uncomfortable, so I asked him “What’s wrong?”. “I don’t like your rapport with my friends, when we marry now, is that how you’ll be sitting in the living room with us gisting?” He looked straight ahead.

“Would that be a really terrible thing?” Sigh… ALEXA, PLAY “I’VE SEEN THIS BEFORE” by BRING ME THE HORIZON.

. “Yes. If we’re going to date, let’s just clarify things” He was actually serious.
Of course, it didn’t end there. I started getting weird questions via text: “I know you’re a strong woman but do you think it’s okay to be stronger than your husband?”

“What if you come back from work late and I insist you cook?”

“If I asked you to stop working, would you?”
He once told me when my answers weren’t favourable to him:” I don’t mind that you’re strong, intelligent and all of that, I just want you to know where to chuck it when it comes to our interactions.” He liked to be able to brag about me in public but he would rather all those qualities were for bragging sake but never practised. And the mocking too was not left out “You think you’re so smart huh?”
It’s tiring sometimes I must confess, seeing that I’m not really asking for much but I’m being requested to do the impossible. I’ll wait though, for the man who’ll support me and watch me with a smile on his face while I gist with his friends and I’ll know just by the look in his eyes, that he’s proud of me. I will wait for the man who won’t want to dismantle me piece by piece and remodel me into what seems ‘’appropriate’’. That man is waiting too and being myself will make him the luckiest man on earth.
For now, still single, still bold, still strong, still refusing to be someone’s challenge.


2 comments on “Still single, still bold, still strong, still refusing to be someone’s challenge

  1. Anonymous

    I totally agree with you! Facing the same situation… sigh… Just keep being you, the right one won’t be afraid…. I just read a post saying “you never lose a good man but lose a man who isn’t good enough for you”.


  2. Temi

    I have to share this with my friends. this is an awesome read filled with so much wisdom. And it is true, other people just like the thought of us.



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