There really is no need to be too anxious

0 August 15, 2018 By Dang

You’re probably wondering why we’re talking about anxiety today, I mean it’s never that serious right? Oh, but it is. Being anxious starts from getting overly worried about the little things like what skirts or pants you should wear to work, or how you’re going to get through the week without blowing it. At some point, things get very overwhelming and they begin to take their toll on us.

How then can we at least limit our anxiety?

1) Challenge Your Negative Thoughts: I saw this somewhere; “negative thoughts leads to negative emotions which then leads to negative behaviours” and I couldn’t agree more. For you to get rid of that creeping anxiety over how you’re going to get this and that done, or when things will eventually start looking good for you, you need to start thinking positively about your life. Take a breather and tell yourself it’s okay, as long as God keeps you, you’re one step closer to your purpose.

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2) Discpline Your Mind When Using Social Media: Social media is like one of the worst anxiety triggers and it happens to the best of us. Oh, you’re just randomly going through your timeline and you see that your friend who just got engaged or the one who just got her car, or the one who constantly put her time at work on instastory and you’re like why are things not turning out for me this way? Too specific? Maybe! You need to learn how to discipline your mind not to get carried away with all these jamboree and focus on your own pace of growth, otherwise I see them panic attacks coming very soon!

3) Exercise: A lot of experts are of the opinion that even 10 minutes of exercise will help with anxiety problems, it will help to clear your head and boost your energy as well as your confidence level. Who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves? I suggest that you better hip on that train but do it right so that you don’t end up like me who couldn’t walk well for days.

4) Socialise More: While I’m not saying you become the life of the party (totally your choice though!), you need to try and interact with people even if you don’t want to. When you see that it’s not all a bed of roses with other people, it might help you relax a bit. You may even get positive vibes from people that will lift your spirit and you’d also learn something new.

Personally, I ALWAYS overthink it when I have to go out or hang out with people, I just dont want to and this is due to the fact that I’ve never loved going out even right from childhood, but I challenged myself that whatever opportunity of networking and socializing I have, Imma take it! Truth be told, most times I’m always glad when I get to meet new people and we just chat and chill.

5) Break Away From A Monotonous Lifetsyle: A monotonous way of life can mess with your head big time! I know because I’ve been there and I’m just gradually breaking away. Once in a while, throw in something new to your routine. Switch up your coffee for tea, Take up a new course or class, etc. It will help your state of mind and help you relax more.

6) Go to Bed Early: Experts are also of the opinion that sleep deprivation can cause anxiety disorder, I mean don’t you see how getting just 3-4 hours of sleep can cause you to begin to get cranky and overwhelmed? While writing this, I made a mental note to myself to do better in this aspect, because I sleep late, and I know it’s not too good especially when you have to get up early! God will help us.



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