Nigeria does not need a religion

0 August 08, 2018 By Dang

I was wondering with all the books there are about success and prosperity. With all the churches in this country, should our thought pattern remain the same? Should our level of corruption not reduce?

There is no religious gathering (at least the popular ones)  that is not usually over booked. From the very conservative religious sect to the out rightly flamboyant and loud ones. Yet the level of our crimes have refused to drop. Our politicians are almost in church or other religious homes, yet many at some point have been involved in stealing public funds and misappropriating national resources. So it begs to question. Why do so many people go to church when they know it won’t make any impact on their lives. Should we blame church goers for blocking their minds and wasting their time in religious homes or blame religious leaders for not being inspiring enough.


We have seen our nation move from bad to worse. While some have opted for relocation, to live among less religious but sane and loving people, many have stayed back just so they can continue and most importantly join the madness.


I remember a road trip my friend and I went on. The driver was so sane, obeying traffic light even when there was no one in sight to apprehend him if he didn’t. I became curious and had to find out his nationality and when I discovered he was a Nigerian I was impressed. I felt his company had trained him well and he was representing the brand. But as soon as we arrived the border of Nigeria everything changed. It was as if some evil spirit took possession of his body and I wondered how such level of madness was contained within this small man’s body only to express itself like a legion of demons at the shores of its native land.


Dear friends, if it’s a demon or set of demons that has possessed us in this country and left our land desolate. Our youths hopeless. Our pockets empty our leaders greedy and our young ones obessed with the spell of get rich quick. Then we need to go to church for deliverance. But if the church can’t deliver us from these demons then it’s time to force them to close shop.


I say no to the dubiocity and brainwashing that takes place in many religious homes. The church should be a place of healing a shelter from the dark world not a house of extortion nor a breeding room for criminals.

I’m calling out all religious leaders this morning. Do your job or retire!!!

Source: Bukunmi’s Diary


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