Diary Of A Single Nigerian Lady: The Different Kinds Of Unmarried Men We Have

0 August 07, 2018 By Dang

As a young woman of 28 years, I’ve had my sh are of experiences with men, or guys as I like to say. Especially the ones that say they want to “marry you”. These days, there’s so much preaching about how if he’s serious or if he’s “the one”, he will marry you in a space of 6 months, max 1 year after he meets you. Hmmn. When I see such things, I wonder if a guy being so serious or ready for marriage, automatically makes him THE ONE.

Based on personal and other experiences with men as regards marriage, I’ve come to realise there are two types of men. Those who marry when they are ready, and those who marry when they find “the one”. Lord have mercy, those ready guys are annoyinggg! Most of the time, because they are already rich and successful, they believe they are the answer to every woman’s prayer, so you’re lucky they chose you. Hehe.

They usually have that almighty criteria list which you must meet to be their wife. If you’re wasting too much time, unto the next, and believe me they do get their wives, even within their set time-frame. In my humble opinion, we women need to be careful to make certain he’s actually right for us and not just jumping into it. It’s a path that works for some, but not all. We’ve all heard the tales.

Sometimes, You Have To Dig Deep Before You Find The Gold You Crave

Now to the men that work with their emotions, love! They are not perfect either. Infact, some of them do not have the money, and proper settings to have a wife yet. While I prefer them, its not enough to just chose a woman based on feelings. On one hand, she may have a nasty character, or even a small shortcoming that would make marriage tedious even for a good man. On the other hand, you as a man needs more than feelings to be a husband. You should have a life-source, have a source of livelihood that can cater for at least 2, be stable and dependable emotionally, amongst other things.

Bringing it to a head, I submit that the emotional man also needs to be ready, before he takes the marriage plunge. The sweetest experience in fact, would be to be emotionally sought out and chosen by a ready man. It’s the best, and happens to a lucky few. As for me, I would rather be married cos I was chosen in love, and not solely because I met a ready man’s almighty criteria list.

Written by Reina for DiaryofaNaijaGirl,ng


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