Sometimes, You Have To Dig Deep Before You Find The Gold You Crave

0 August 06, 2018 By Dang

If you are really interested in gold, you must be willing to dig through a pile load of rubbish to get to gold. Gold is not on the surface.

It’s no doubt that people are experiencing all forms of hardship, but there is no more hurtful hardship than the one we inflict on ourselves by being ignorant.

I want to share with you a few NUGGETS to take to heart as we ride through the current storms together.

Beware of Illegal Opportunities.


  1. Many things will be offered to you in the name of opportunity, be guided by people who have succeeded (not people who are succeeding). Get counsel, and read wide. Don’t do everything that comes, gold is not on the surface.
  2. When you hear words like – “we don’t sell any products, no failure”. RUN. Chances are you can make money doing it, but you’ll lose friends and credibility. Google – Pyramid Schemes, Ponzi Schemes and see the clear differences from Network Marketing.
  3. When you hear words like “Use only what you can afford to lose”, then you hear “but do plenty”. When times are harsh like these, opportunists from around the world try to take advantage of Nigerians and other gullible people.
  4. Google companies, google the people participating. There is a company making the rounds whose owner just came out of a 4 year jail term for running a similar company. The fact that it works and you get your own money out, doesn’t make it right, don’t fracture your conscience.

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Take Action

  1. Sift though the rubbish, but ensure once you find gold you take action.
  2. Don’t just participate half heartedly in opportunity, ask for the books to read, go online and search for more materials. commit time to learning. Make up your mind that every opportunity will leave you better, either you learn or you earn.
  3. Give yourself time to achieve, if you get rich quick, you will get poor fast. Wealth that is not built, ultimately falls apart. Don’t plan to make it big in a short period, have your eyes on the long-haul and build for the long haul. Don’t go for fly by night opportunities, think ahead and think 5 to 10yrs.
  4. Let God guide you, that’s the most secure and surest source of wisdom.



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