Today, A Man Fed My Eyes With The Most Unsightly Image

0 July 27, 2018 By Dang

Most times, we hear people say women are the ones who harass men with their looks, types of clothing and the different ways they flirt. No disputing that but I’ll say that sometimes, it is the other way round.

So today, I left work during my lunch break in search of food. It was a new environment for me and I did not really know my way around so i just took a stroll, hoping that I’d find something along the way.

As I turned to the first street, I spotted a man taking a leak at the side of the road. Of course, it was not my first time witnessing this but this time around, it was a whole new experience. This man caught my eye as I glanced towards his direction, and kept looking at me as I walked by me.

That was not shocking to me; the most shocking part was when he rose his t-shirt to his breast level, put one hand on his waist and then with the other hand, held his penis, and started shaking it.

Dear men, how are you able to disregard soiling your legacy for a few minutes of non-consensual sex and/or sexual assault?

Either, he was shaking it to let go of the remaining drops of urine on his member or if he was deliberating doing it, I could not say initially. All I knew was that I was riveted to the spot, wondering if I was really witnessing that in broad daylight and with many others passing by.

When I eventually realised he was doing it intentionally, I could not hide my disgust. He was goading me, waiting for me to either show my interest or voice out.

I looked at him in disgust and walked off. I could not help wondering the unfortunate person who’ll shake his hands in a few minutes.

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