Manifesting The Life Of Your Dreams Is Much More Easy With These Tips

0 July 24, 2018 By Dang

Manifestation is the process of closing the gap between your desires and your reality. The fabric of our manifestations are being weaved together, even if it’s outside of our realm of perception. The key is to set your intentions and remove any fear or impatience surrounding your goal. This read will show you how to manifest the things you need or desire in your life in five steps!

In order to become a Master Manifestor you must:

  1. Proclaim or Ask

What are you setting your intentions on? Is it more money, a better job, a specific job title, or career change, a new relationship, or just more confidence? Do you have short-term goals and long-term goals? Whatever you are looking to manifest, you either have to ask the universe for it directly, or you must announce to the universe what it is you need it to provide. Say it out loud.

If you speak your proclamations out loud, you send your direct intentions out into the universe like an order. Some orders are manifested instantly, and others take longer to be delivered. Depending on the perplexity of the intention, you must allow the universe to work its magic.

2. Visualize

This is a very important step because it is here where you engage your third eye and energetically cause your emotional, mental, and ethereal body to enter a vibration of what it is you want to manifest.

Think intensely on what you want to manifest. Get into a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down. Close your eyes and enter a meditative state. Go through some breathing exercises. Once you have become completely comfortable and aware of the heaviness of your entire body, shift your focus inward onto your third eye.

In this state of consciousness, paint a picture in your mind’s eye of receiving that $X amount for your company. Maybe you receive a grant, a loan, or win the lottery. Imagine seeing that amount of money in your bank account. See yourself purchasing everything you need for your business. See the numbers on your brand account rising and rising to your goal. See yourself looking and feeling your best. Envision yourself on that very much-needed vacation.

3. Affirm

In this step, you repeat affirming mantras about what it is you want to manifest. As mentioned above, words carry vibrations and instructions. Affirming your intentions are like sending them out into the universe with reinforcements. I like to categorize my affirmations into: Self, Love/Friendships, and Abundance.

4. Write it down

Octavia Butler is one of the world’s most successful Black women authors who wrote down all of her goals and aspirations by hand. She was VERY specific about every detail of everything she wanted to accomplish. She wrote down how she would be a bestselling author and listed multiple best sellers’ lists. She wrote that her work would reach millions of people.

She wrote about her future goals to help young, disenfranchised Black youth. She unapologetically and sternly wrote down all of her convictions in a positive and all-knowing manner. She repeatedly wrote the powerful words: “I will find the way to do this. So be it! See to it!” It’s important that you do the same when trying to manifest your best life.


5. Act

Now that you have proclaimed or asked for, visualized, affirmed, and wrote your intentions down, it is time for you to act.  Your actions should not be in a manner of force, fear, lack, or limit. They should be made in flow. You should not carry any resistance in your actions. If your business needs a business plan, just write it! The energy you put into creating this document will draw the right opportunities to you. Send that email or create that new blog.

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