If The Government Does Not Take Care, There May Be Many More Accidents Caused By Tankers

0 July 23, 2018 By Dang


When will the government do something about the recklessness of trailers and truck drivers in Lagos?


Tank farm/Depot in Satellite town.



But for nearly two years I have been hoping someone write or report about the danger that might happen on Satellite town, Old Ojo Road Amuwo Odofin, Lagos Nigeria (Starting from Alakija into Finiger to Marwa Road by Water-side, Satellite town ijegun). Maybe there are reports about it, but I am yet to see any.

I was triggered to write about this because of the Fuel-laden tanker explosion that happened last year December on Festac Link Bridge, Amuwo odofin and on Otedola Bridge, Berger (All in Lagos state).

Satellite town as a whole is majorly a residential area, but there are tank farms and private depots situated and running at Marwa road by Water-side, Satellite town ijegun. I guess a license should be issued to build a tank farm and run a private depot, but why did the government allow this kind of operation in a residential area and was there any risk assessment done?

This is a very selfish and inhumane act, the traffic on old ojo road from Alakija – Abule Ado from side to side especially in the evenings on Monday – Saturday are something else, except the depot isn’t running. If you want to get home or do something around these area on time you either take bike if you are not mobile or take another route.

Most days these tankers waiting for their turn to load petroleum Product Park on both sides of the road on Old Ojo Road, we are left with just only one lane and this road is not a one-way road (I have a very short video clip for 29th June 2018). I learnt, and I have seen these tanker drivers pay a sum to people directing them maybe to park and wait for their turn along this very small road, we road users can’t question their dangerous parking.

The most painful part is at night you find out that some of these tankers have only one headlight working, out of all the lights a moving vehicle is supposed to have.

Road safety officials won’t see this kind of hazard waiting to happen, all their concern is on private cars. We don’t even have any worthy road officials around the zone, some of the Naval and Police officers that sometimes help are after their pocket.

There is always a yearly road patch, but it gets bad immediately especially with the rains and the heavy vehicular trucks, all the road in satellite town are bad. The worst is the road from finiger leading to the depots, well just the beginning part of finiger was interlocked very recent. Our happy day is Sunday because there are no operations.

Just imagine if what happened on festac Link Bridge or Otedola Bridge happens around Marwa Road by Water-

side, Satellite town ijegun? Speaking of festac Link Bridge, the damage repair from the tank explosion since last year December on the affected bridge is still not completed. All vehicles use one side of the bridge, you can imagine the everyday traffic on the link bridge.

Would Showing The Uneducated Members Of Our Nation The Difference Between Us And Other Well Developed Countries Help Them Vote Right?

Life should matter in this country! The risk, stress and inhaling of soot we go through every day is so unfair. We just complain amongst ourselves and endure, Safety of lives should be priority in this country.

And these tankers come as far as outside Lagos to load petroleum products, WHY?

Something should be done. The government should come to our aid

Written by ANITA-CHIOMA Nwaokolo for Diaryofanaijagirl,ng


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