How Important Is It To Have A Side Hustle, Especially As A Married Man With A Small Pay?

1 July 23, 2018 By Dang


In a world where there are so many things that hinder ones financial capacity, how important is it to have a side hustle, especially as a man?

Oftentimes I wonder what the future holds for people whose source of livelihood is hanging on chance. I know its risky, but do they feel same way?

My neighbor knocked on my door for the first time in 3 years looking nervous, she needed a listening ear and I was available as I was home on maternity leave.

“My husband has refused to pick a side hustle” She said.  “With a not too well paying job, long hours on the field and an average welfare package,one would expect such a man to have a side hustle. That is not the case with him.

What man does not want to use his car for Uber/Taxify part-time,Invest in mutual fund,or look out for opportunities in his line of work?”

My Neighbor’s!

She came for advice as her line of discourse is straining  their relationship. Me,advice? I sighed as I held back my frustrations because I have nothing to offer;Who says mine is better?

While  most  Men would rather focus on social activities than worry their small heads on things that will be fixed when the time comes,”when we get to the bridge…” , not all men are guilty of leaving a chunk of planning{immediate/future}for the women to sort out. some are well grounded in multiple skills that they are hardly stranded come what may.

Whatever side of the coin you find yourself, how do you manage to stay sane in such a frustrating circumstance(s) perhaps it will be needed to sort out my neighbor’s misery.

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