This Week, Do Not Be Too Quick To Remove The Speck In Your Neighbor’s Eyes

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At what point should you make comments about others? At what point should you learn to keep quiet?

You know how our parents always said that the Bible is complete and everything you wanted answers to can be found in it? That was true and it still is so true.

When the bible admonished us to remove the speck in their eyes before volunteering to help their neighbour remove theirs, the truth was being spoken.

So a few days ago, I journeyed from the city of Lagos to nearby Ota for a wedding. (Don’t ask me why I went that far for Owambe. I just had to have party Jollof)

Coming back to Lagos, i had to sit in the bus for almost an hour waiting for it to get filled up, gisting with my friend and catching up on jokes.

From a distance came this woman and her three friends towards the bus. She was decked in a yellow sequinned iro and buba; eyes, neck and fingers gleaming with all sorts of jewellery. Her red lipstick was popping and her brows were the permanent type which seems to be the rave these days.

She was loud – laughing so hard as she said something in whispers to her friends, who laughed in return.

I had no problem with their loud camaraderie, even though her voice kept grating on my nerves. That was until I heard her say to her friends in Yoruba, “That girl is just too fat. How can her family members be comfortable with her so fat? Maybe she took after her mother.”

At this statement, my attention was drawn to her. I opened my mouth in shock and turned to look at my friend whose face mirrored my amazement.

“Ayo, close your mouth na!” She said to me, laughing and I slowly did.

Wondering why I was shocked at her statement?

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That woman was huge! My goodness. I could literally see folds of fat all over her. Her Iro divided her stomach into so many compartments i could not count. Her neck was like that of two people and her arms? I don’t want to talk about that.

But obviously, she saw nothing wrong with herself but had enough time to show disgust for someone who I would bet anything is not as big as she is.

I mean why do people do this? Why would a person who is saucy and rude complain that another person exhibits this trait? Why not try to become a better person and then maybe influence others to also change.

Life is a process, it should be about growth – about really living and impacting. Not unnecessary criticisms which in no way bring you anything positive.

As you start this new week, listen more, think extensively, speak less and be slow to criticise.

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