Owambe Guide: These Are The Best Tips To Getting Food And Drinks At An Owambe

4 July 20, 2018 By Dang



I am a pro at attending owambes and believe me when I say this. I have studied the interesting art of ‘Owambenism and Lagos Parties’ and I can boldly say I am a force to be reckoned with when it comes to this issue.

You see, I did not learn all I know in a day. In fact, it took me a while to know that one had to speak the right language at an owambe for you to get the best service.

An owambe I attended one hot afternoon about 6 years ago where I ended up not being served food made me realise that I had been dulling and I needed to sit up.

Now, if you have an owanbe tomorrow or in the near future, I have got some great tips for you to ensure you get the best out of that party.

  1. Dress well

The truth remains that you will most likely be addressed by the way you appear. Men, get that starched native on, polish those shoes to gleam, and let your fila be at the right angle. Ladies, we are not saying you should steal the shine off the bride but please look good. Wear the appropriate underwear, let your makeup be minimal but beautiful, and your dress? Let it speak!

  1. Smile

This is not the time to be stronging face or be forming unnecessary posh. Abeg, let those your lovely dentition work for you. Smile graciously – your smile makes you look approachable, lovable and pleasant. And you need all these to be on the good side of the servers.


  1. Sit with the right people

I will be doing you wrong if I do not share this tip. Do not, I repeat, do not go and take a seat with the wrong set of people. If you are attending a party alone, before taking a seat, scan the crowd. Aim towards a seat where the group on that table look good. Chances are you will get food faster this way.

  1. Try to avoid the back seats

The importance of sitting position at a party can never be over-emphasized. See ehn, if you sit at the back, you may be unlucky and get told, Iyan is finished. The best thing is to find a seat in between. Not too close to the front but not far back either. The idea is to play safe.

  1. Ask

Again, do not go to an owanbe and be looking for who will attend to you specially. If you see a waiter passing with a drink you like, politely ask for a glass, with a cute smile and trust me, it works. Do not expect people to be at your beck and call. It is a party for heaven’s sake. Sometimes, you gotta help yourself.

  1. Be smart

Be on the lookout for souvenirs, for who attends an owambe without something tangible to show for it. Don’t slacken especially if you have sharp and greedy table members, they’d have everything off the table and into the bags in a second. You better shine your eyes.

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  1. Go with an extra nylon in your purse

This is not a joking sturz. Are you God that you can predict the future? What if the souvenirs are very large? Or you get extra plates of food, or barbecued meat? What of the cans of malt you may have to take with you? Please, do not shortchange yourself and go without a nylon bag – not rucksack o!

Written by Ayo Al for Diaryofanaijagirl.ng


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  1. Tobechukwu Hubert

    LMAO…This is like the best tips I have read about owambe! Too apt! Hanty, you too much?lemme goan starch my native?issa owambe things tomorrow?



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