Would Showing The Uneducated Members Of Our Nation The Difference Between Us And Other Well Developed Countries Help Them Vote Right?

4 July 20, 2018 By Dang



Here’s my idea.

Humans are very visual and react more to pictures than words. well, the average human is. I was thinking if we could make the ‘uneducated and unexposed’ members of the nation see the difference between us and the rest of the world, even smaller countries than us, poorer countries than us, maybe they will appreciate the value of their votes.

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I have never been outside Nigeria but I have been privileged by virtue of education to see how things are in the abroad from tv, novels etc.

Now, Ade, the agbero on the street may or may not have caught glimpses of the infrastructures abroad, and never really imagined that hospitals are not supposed to look like the room with broken beds he sees every time he takes his son to see a Dr. that streets can actually be clean and buses for public transportation must not be refurbished abandoned buses.

Show him what it is (Nigeria) and what it ought to be like (somewhere abroad). Show him the dilapidated school his child attends and show him around the classroom in the private school abroad his favorite politician’s child attends.

if we could get support to mount huge clear photos on already existing strategically placed billboards, laying pictures of our Nigerian reality side by side with pictures from the abroad. so one picture has obalende, lagos, Nigeria. Population figure, oil revenue figure, salary and allowances os senators and co, average minimum wage. the other is a picture of a similar structure (in this case street) with the caption, Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE, Oil Revenue, etc. it doesn’t have to be just Dubai, it can be anywhere else. let them see how our leaders have used us rotten.

I hope I have been able to paint the picture for you. I am ready to join in whatever way to reach the uneducated. I have decided to no more be that Nigerian who sits behind the screen shouting but never ever do anything to help in however small a capacity. I have recently stopped eating beef in my own protest of the herdsmen killing. I am burning to do more.


Best Regards

Written by Twyla Idigbe for DiaryofaNaijaGirl.ng


4 comments on “Would Showing The Uneducated Members Of Our Nation The Difference Between Us And Other Well Developed Countries Help Them Vote Right?

  1. Tobechukwu Hubert

    This is a wonderful idea and must applaud this your initiative.. If there is a campaign, I am willing to join to help spread the word


  2. Anonymous

    Yes, that should also include the inspector general of police who said … technology is criminally inclined, and sars are doing well…meanwhile other countries have adopted it in solving security issues…


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  4. Anonymous

    I double agree. Infact, pictures ain’t enough. Videos can be played too. These so called leaders have so brainwashed our uneducated, so much so that it would take series of ‘showing’ to relay the message.



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