Now Is Not The Time To Settle. Go Ahead And Build That Empire

2 July 19, 2018 By Dang

Imagine waking up 30 years from now, perhaps social media would still be in existence, a bit of changes but still the same and the only thing that fills you is regret.

Regret for carving in to defeat – for not fighting back, regret about not taking that step, regret about listening to negative minded people, regret about letting that dream die.

You see the truth is no matter how nice your game plan sounds or how plausible it is, most people (friends at that) will give you many reasons why it would not work.

They will tell you, it isn’t the right time to start that business, write that book or proposal, make that trip, leave that relationship.

No time is ever the right time to make that move. Start while you can.

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Never in history did we hear that multi billionaires had it easy. They always took that bold step.

If you need to go back to school, why not do it now. Don’t wait until you are 40, Don’t wait until you make more money. Start now.

In years to come, let it not be that you are immersed in regret and guilt about not leaving your comfort zone.

While you are at it, know that your journey is different from that of others. What works for your friend might be a disaster for you.

Take time to study, learn your passion and work towards building it and it’d pay you in the long run.

Stay inspired and build that empire!

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