Cancer Survivor, Jasmine Pettross Is Writing A Book To Show Cancer Patients That They Can Also Survive

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Jasmine Pettross learnt she had colon cancer at the age of 23 in 2015 and it was a moment that would change her life forever. After multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and wearing an ileostomy bag for almost a year,  she is now cancer free at the age of 26.

What is amazing is that instead of just moving on with her life after her trying ordeal, she has chosen to write a book which is intended to encourage other cancer patients out there never to give up and to keep fighting for their lives, with joy and hope.

My Name is Rika Cargill. I Have Survived Breast Cancer Twice

She said talking about her ordeal:

“I had had abdominal pains and blood in my stool that wasn’t going away. It is crazy to think that if i had waited to talk to my doctor, i probably wouldn’t be here today.

God saved my life an kept an Angel on earth. Remember that suffering can help us grow and mature , it helped me ! Gods good is different from mine , my good would never included Cancer . He used suffering to display his work in me.I realised my purpose going through this . He defiantly revealed himself and used me in ways others can’t be used. “God doesn’t simply want us to feel good. He wants us to be good. And very often the road to being good involves not feeling good”.I was in a place that I didn’t even know I was going be in but he didn’t desert me or forgotten me .

With my book, i aim towards a future where more cancer patients will become cancer survivors and people remain positive even when they have this disease.

God forbid that i live my life without impacting and trying to help cancer patients out there. I was saved and i hope my book would save someone too”

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