Today, I Conquered a Bad Business Habit

1 June 29, 2018 By Dang

Most entrepreneurs know that if we could do everything ourselves, we would. For me, even the things I can’t do myself, I poke my nose in and control every detail, this way, stressing out the vendors and eventually running them off. This is as a result of me being a control freak and quite impatient when it comes to getting results from people. Also, when I run off the vendors, I don’t call them back, I just look for someone else to do the job

Recently I’ve been working on a project, I sleep, breathe and talk about the project so it is expected that I would be hands-on and extremely annoying to my vendors. Yesterday night, as I was about to send a long text of harsh complaints to one of them, I told myself to take a deep breath, and then I asked myself, “what good thing has this person done? Is he all that bad?” So I took a look at the project, and I sent a message, highlighting everything I liked about it and closed it with “ well done. Have a good night”

You see, subconsciously, I knew I had enough of running people off my projects instead of making allowance for them to do better, thereby slowing things down and stressing myself out

This morning, when I looked at the project again, I was still not happy with it but I wasn’t as angry as yesterday night. I then called the vendor and told him the things I didn’t like and how I would like him to resolve them. Someone who told me yesterday afternoon he would be busy all day today suddenly told me to stay on the phone to resolve the problems. In two hours of intense but respectful dialogue, everything I wanted to be done was accomplished. The vendor then said “I’m sorry I’ve been mixing things up, I promise to do better, and thank you for complimenting my work yesterday, it means a lot”

I don’t even know why that almost made me cry but I know for sure I was proud of myself. Patience is not easy to come by and when it matters most you want to be the leader who is making smart decisions based upon sound principles rather than angry reactions. I know Patience is one virtue that will serve me well. I just wish it didn’t take so long to learn.

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