“I Have Learnt To Never Judge People By Their Mistakes Because I Have Made Some Myself”- Vector on Recovering From Downtime

0 June 23, 2018 By Dang

Through my downtimes, I realised certain things:

First, I realised the power of women.
The truth is, I tried as much as possible not to let the downtime weigh me down but then, I didn’t know how to deal with emotions. Kudos to my girlfriend, she pulled her weight. There was a time I got really drunk due to all of the pressure, my girlfriend came to get me and found me in the toilet. She didn’t leave, she didn’t get disgusted, she stood by me. She tried to be there however she could.

Second, I realized that truly, at the end of it all, you’re all by yourself. So, I began to appreciate life more, it then made sense to me to be around people who I care about genuinely and those who genuinely care about me but I had ignored due to my busy schedule and fame. It just happened that around that time, my dad died. I wish we’d spent more time together, done nice things together more but I was always travelling.

I also realized the power of prayer. I was so into the heat of the moment and the race of the competition, I would forget to pray. Prayer elevated my spirit because whatever/whomever you believe in and you pray to, gives you some sort of energy and faith yourself. For me, I prayed to God and the moment I prayed and connected to my belief, my energy was renewed. I began to believe I can be better and do better


VECTOR: Few are the artists that have gone through my ordeal and are still artists till today. One ultimate thing I learnt during this time was never to judge people’s mistakes because I’ve gone wrong in my own ways and I’ve learnt from it. Karma will hit us all at some point in our lives, let’s stay calm, learn from it, grow from it and become better people

Whatever you’re going through right now, there is a reason why you’re being humbled with that experience. Take life and everything that happens to you as a process of growth. You must grow from your pain or it would have been a waste of your time and God’s.


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