Find Your Groove. Own It. Dance To It: How Ife Got Her Groove Back!

2 June 21, 2018 By Dang

Find Your Groove. Own It. Dance To It.

I have extreme flaws, one of them used to be; trying to make people feel better about my ambitions. When I’m asked about my plans, I would worry that people may not understand or that I may intimidate them, so I either say nothing or simply be modest in my response.

Someone once told me, “You’re dropping too much content on your page, you’ll burn out and run out of things to say. Slow down, you have all the time in the world”.  My answer should have been “I enjoy writing, why should I stop doing that because I’m afraid my talent will run out?” Instead, I said, “Really? what do you suggest?”

Not like I intended accepting her suggestion but that was the best way to not seem over-ambitious.

Another time, a friend advised me to include some sort of celebrity/sensational news in my blogging style as this was what “brings the crowd to your platform”. my response should have been: “I trust absolutely in my abilities to hold my own without dragging people down in the process”. I didn’t say that, instead I smiled and said I’d think about it.

In my business, when I was asked to quote a price or margin for my product, I know exactly what price I’d like to set, but I didn’t want to seem over-ambitious, especially when clients say “you like money too much madam”. So, I tone it down a notch, give a lower price than I intended and then feel bad about it later.

I know what I want, I just didn’t like for people to judge me for it.

Things changed when I read “The Girl Entrepreneur” by Ibukun Awosika. I realized in no way would I reach my full potential if I continued to underprice myself, tone it down or slow things down because I don’t want people to feel bad. These same people who are living their best lives…

I then made up my mind to ask for what I deserve and speak like I mean it, I actually wrote down a list of people I needed to set right. I told my friend who was a client, I was done with lowering my prices just so I won’t look bad. “Henceforth I will demand what I know I deserve and we can take it from there”.

Guess what? She did not argue, I bet in her mind she thought “It’s about time”.

when the lady who suggested I may run out of things to write messaged me again and said, “Madam you’re still doing that thing we talked about”. I responded, “LOL. I love it”.  With a smile and heart emoji. She unfollowed me and I didn’t even notice.

It was like I found a new superpower, I stood up straighter and looked into people’s eyes when I told them my ‘ridiculous plans’. Now, I revel in my ambitions, I don’t feel like I owe anyone an apology and I feel so much satisfaction in fulfilling my purpose. In my mind’s eyes, the door to possibilities is wide open, I just have to walk in and explore.

This is such an exhilarating feeling.

If you’re reading this, Find your groove. Own it. Dance to it.  And when you need counsel, your soul always knows who to listen to and what their motives are.



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