Multi-cultured Marriages and Inter-racial Relationships – The Story of the McClure Family

0 June 20, 2018 By Dang

The McClure twins became an internet sensation when their mum Aminat shot a video of them fighting with their dad, Justin,  for eating all their snacks. And everything has snowballed from that moment. They had since shared their family moments with their millions of followers on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Recently, the family shared their family portrait to celebrate their family’s mixed heritage. This has prompted thousands of people to share their individual stories of what it feels like to grow up in dual or multi-cultured families.

The Mcclure couple and their kids wore a West-African inspired outfit to celebrate Aminat’s Nigerian culture and heritage. Aminat who relocated from  Lagos, Nigeria with her family to  America when she was a young girl. She met Justin in Washington Heights, New York City when a guy attempted to hit on her. Justin had intervened by pretending to know Aminat.  There journey to forever had since begun from then.

Justin shared with BBC that they wanted to give the girls a lesson about how diverse the world is so they can learn to enrich themselves by opening their eyes to different cultures.

“As a family, we like to make bold statements and I wanted to celebrate Aminat’s culture.” – Justin

The clothes were made by a Cameroonian designer Claude Kameni, who contacted the family offering to design their outfits.

The couple, whose identical twin daughters already have a large social media presence, posted the picture on Instagram and Facebook where it has been shared more than 15,000 times and attracted more than 69,500 interactions.

The post which was captioned “Celebrate your culture, but also the culture of those you love. Who’s here for this?” has received more than 2,200 comments.

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BBC shared that this isn’t the first time for the McClure Family to explore Aminat’s Nigerian heritage by visiting Nigerian restaurants to cook Nigerians such as Nigerian jollof rice and puff-puff.

There family portrait picture has encouraged people to share their inter-racial family stories and to appreciate the beauty of inter-racial relationships.


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