Molding a Boy into a Father

2 June 17, 2018 By Dang

Fatherhood has been an underrated topic. Presently, the world is more preoccupied with empowering the women and girl-child, and no one talks about how to equip a man or boy-child to become a good man or at least a better father. It is assumed that as a MALE, you are expected to know everything by default.

Unfortunately, it has been proved wrong beyond numbers, with the steady increase in the number of crime perpetrated by the male folk. Notwithstanding, the prejudice against either gender should be eliminated. Both the male and female child should be treated with both love and care, to be raised up properly by their parents to be better leaders in our society. Fatherhood is a lovely experience if only the average man is equipped with the right tools to carry out his role.

In Nigeria, an average boy grows in a hostile environment, where his father reprimands him when he is wrong but fail to encourage him when he does the right thing. He goes to school and battles with peer pressure, being bullied or becomes a bully because he is not shown love by his primary mentor, his father. Sometimes, the role is left void and his mother tries to fit into the role with minimal or no success at all. He enters into the tertiary institution where he is being asked to join a cult group to prove his strength. When he commits into a relationship because he his raised in a home filled with sorrow and domestic violence,  the only language he most likely understands is violent and more often than none he might beat his woman to submission.

We have so many men but fewer fathers. Fatherhood is indeed a blessing. To bring out an offspring from the loins of a  man and watch that seed grow in a woman to become a child, there’s no better miracle than that. Our society should begin to recognise the roles of fathers in the society.

According to Myles Munroe, “Every father is the foundation of the home”. He goes out to battle with daily forces, he experiences rejection and failure. He enjoys 10% or less of his salary to make ends meet. In essence, the father is there to support his wife and his children. He provides and he protects his home. He is there to be his children’s primary source of education before any teacher. The roles of a father cannot be overemphasized. And that is why the devil focuses on destroying more men to bring the society to a level of decadence.

There are men who neglect their roles as fathers because they were not taught from the beginning what should be done. They leave all the work of parenting to the woman, which is entirely wrong. Some grew up to see females as a means of sexual satisfaction to the extent they rape their own blood to fulfil that urge.

The Bible in Proverbs says, “raise the child in the way he should grow, so when he is old he won’t depart from it”.

The Home is  primary source of education. Tell him that impregnating a lady and denying the pregnancy is cowardly, sleeping around does not prove manhood, neither does joining a cult make him a man.

Raise him to know that beating a woman is not manly, that a woman should be pampered and in any situation of provocation he should leave. Make him understand as a man, there is strength in keeping his cool. That the bible gave us the right model and which is Jesus and to be a good man, a good father to his family.

Imagine a society where 70% of the men have good morals, imagine a society where fathers chose to stay at home to raise their kids. The society will not be only be better and also prosperous.

Girls will feel protected and will no longer be victimized by rape, boys will learn to earn an honest living and treat every lady with respect.

Henceforth, every MALE-child should be taught the morals of being a good man, assumption that he would pick the right way should desist. Because he will one day be a father too.

Fatherhood is not easy, we should always encourage them.

God bless fathers.


Sochy Uche for Diaryofanaijagirl



2 comments on “Molding a Boy into a Father

  1. BluJewel

    Nice post.
    Charity they say begins at home.
    If the foundation is faulty, what can the people do.

    Let’s empower every boy child to be a better Father.


  2. BluJewel

    Nice post.
    Charity they say begins at home.
    If the foundation is faulty, what can the people do.

    Let us empower every boy child to become a better Father.



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