Dang Survivor: Kay Obum Shares His Truth on Self-Love and Living with Scars

0 June 13, 2018 By Dang

Before the burn, I was a dark handsome kid with a high self-confident. However, at the age of  10, I experienced a change in my perception about life.

The change began with a fire outbreak in our home.  The fire started from a lantern, and I  got burnt.  The incident made me bedridden for a year and eventually discharged for a 3rd-degree burn. Nothing seemed to make sense, all I used to love made no sense anymore, I had no idea on how to live in my new skin. It was emotionally exhausting watching kids run from me when they saw on the streets or people staring at me.

For a long time, I was denied a chance of using the mirror. I was constantly in and out of surgeries with different orthopaedics within the country and outside the country. I was in constant battle with loneliness, pains and suicidal thoughts. To get rid of the loneliness, I decided to open accounts on several social media platforms looking for new friends. Friends who will see my struggles and understand me.

It took me a while to realize that I was only seeking attention and pity, rather I should appreciate my new skin and daily motivate myself. It was at that moment I experienced a change, that was my turning point.

I am really thankful to my mum. She spent a lot of money buying drugs, fruits and other stuff to make sure my recovery process was smooth. She even went as far as taking loans from banks to make sure I lived.

I am on the journey of loving myself, accepting my scar, accommodating people, believing in the unending grace of God. This as inspired me to start a blog to inspire people with scars.

It is not easy living with scars, however, I’m thankful I’m alive to share my story, my scars mean one thing: I SURVIVED!

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