Rwanda Travel Diary: During the Safari Tour, The Devil Tried It!

2 March 14, 2018 By Dang

I decided to cap my holiday in Rwanda with a Safari tour at the Akagera National Park. I went with them because I got good reviews. It was such a wonderful experience and very peaceful too.

During this tour, I saw black faced wild monkeys, baby Zebras, Giraffes, Buffalos, Elephants and a new animal I just discovered called Topi (Please view pictures on Instagram). I was in a good mood, my mood got better when a Hippo stuck out its head from the lake and exhaled through its nose as water splashed everywhere, it was so cool to watch.

Right on my left were crocodiles. So beautiful these creatures, minding their business and loving not being interrupted. I took pictures and just stood there, my head popped out on the open roof of the truck, breathing in the peace, wondering what it would be like to have this kind of life, every day, shared with my loved ones.

“Let’s go,” I said to the driver before I got too used to it.

We had not moved 20feet before we plunged into a deep pothole. I was scrolling through my pictures, patting myself on the back for doing alright and assumed the driver would drive on out of the pothole. Then I heard the tour guide say “Sister, the car is stuck”.

My attention immediately shifted away from my camera to the front of the car -where I noticed the truck was really in an awkward position- then behind me where the crocs and Hippo were loving their lives.

“It’s not a serious problem, we just have to lift the car a little bit from the front,” Said the tour guide.

‘First of all, who is “we”?’ I wondered in my mind because Travel Den already paid for this tour so the only thing I’m supposed to be doing is enjoying my life in the wild- the animals and me.

‘Secondly, I’m just some feet away from Hippo and Crocs, I will not be able to get down from this truck, because… my life.’

The tour guide had alighted from the truck, then he came to my side of the window, asking me to alight as well. I rolled down the window just a little bit and asked him “Can I float in the air?” He said “huh?”
“The only way I’m getting off this truck is to float in the air where nothing can touch me.” It took him a minute to comprehend but when he did he cracked up so hard. Well, it wasn’t funny to me, getting stuck in the jungle was never part of the plan.

Both driver and tour guide alighted from the truck and asked me to get behind the wheels and gently accelerate as soon as they lift the car. That sounded better so I did as I was told. In minutes, the situation was rectified. You would think they’d jump in the car ASAP, instead, they remained outside, chit chatting and inspecting the bonnet.

Ah! Issokay! I stayed behind the wheels. In my mind, I knew if the Hippo chose to be unfortunate and prance towards us while they were busy chit chatting, I could drive off and leave the two experienced hands behind. I was sure they could catch up, the Rhino has seen them many times, I was the one in a strange land.

It wasn’t long though before God gave them sense and they joined me in the truck. We proceeded to continue to enjoy wildlife, safely from the car’s open roof.


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