RE: Open Letter to My Neighbour’s Son: Based on Recent Events, Ola Didn’t Get The Memo

4 March 04, 2018 By Dang

I wrote an open letter to Ola on Friday, CLICK HERE TO READ but I’m not sure he got it based on the following events.

Today after church, I was in the living room when I heard Ola and his family’s chatter as they arrived from church. I know there’s no way they could have seen me but I crouched low on the couch anyway, I didn’t want any problem.

Who was I kidding? I soon heard a loud gentle rap on the door, “Knock knock”.

I sighed to myself. Since Friday, I had been getting home really late so I knew Ola probably had come to look for his juice in the past two days. There was still no juice in the house and no pineapple to make any. I wasn’t ready for interrogations so I made a soundless retreat to my room.

“Hellooo” Ola’s voice was higher now and his little fists banged on the door instead of knocking.

I was determined not to open the door, I like my Sundays quiet, seated in a corner at a restaurant or lounging in the dark at home minding my business.

My phone rings, it’s Ola’s mum. So not only had Ola come to ask for his juice, he also brought reinforcement. I accepted my fate and picked the call.

“Hello” I sounded sleepy like her call had woken me up.

“Wake up o. Come and collect your problem at the door” She said sternly like she couldn’t be stressed out by Ola and me.

“What problem?” I asked, still keeping up the act of drowsiness.

“Ola now. When you people were sharing juice was I there? It’s either you make him the juice or I do. But I won’t, so please just come and open the door so I can go and make lunch”

I unceremoniously cut her off the phone. Simply because I couldn’t deal.

As I opened the door for Ola and his mum, she laughed out loud at me and gently pushed her son inside my house. She turned back and left me at the door, while I thought of the best way to deal with Mr. toothless.

“I’m sorry I woke you up aunty,” He said as he walked straight to the kitchen. I followed him and watched him struggle a little to climb on the high chair. When he was settled in, he continued “I came yesterday, I think maybe twice but you were not at home. Did you and aunty Eunice travel?”

I wondered to myself if I should tell him that aunty Eunice wasn’t coming back and I had no time to make pineapple juice every day.

“No Ola, we didn’t travel, I came back home late but aunty Eunice is gone, that’s why there has been no pineapple juice. But don’t worry, when another aunty comes to help me, you’ll go back to getting your pineapple juice every day” This time I had pulled the other chair to sit beside him.

“But why can’t you make the juice yourself?” Ola was genuinely curious.

What kind of wahala is this for goodness’ sake? I haven’t gotten used to Ola’s prodding because I have never had to deal directly with him since I wasn’t the one making his juice, I wonder how Eunice dealt with his constant talking.

“Because I’m busy” I smiled at him.

“On a Sunday?” He hit me back quickly.

Ah! E gba mi ke. (Translation: Save me please)

“You know what? I’ll go get the pineapple and we’ll make the juice together. Deal?” I was tired of arguing with this Ninja

“Oh. I’d help you but I’m only 5” Said Ola, complete with both hands up in the air and then down to slap his knee.

I officially gave up. Ola has won this round!


4 comments on “RE: Open Letter to My Neighbour’s Son: Based on Recent Events, Ola Didn’t Get The Memo

  1. Lauretta

    Lol… Aunty please make plenty juice so you won’t have to answer all these questions another day!
    P. S I love him already!


  2. Morayo

    Ola sounds just like my little cousin, Jammal. Always pestering for things and then finding a way to get you to do it.



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